Sports Center


Our course instructors and coaches are dedicated professionals who will provide a positive, supportive experience for your athletic, fitness, and outdoor pursuits.

Angela Ballard

Course: Table Tennis

Angela Ballard Table Tennis instructor

Larry Beutler

Courses: Co-ED Fitness for Soccer Beginning, Co-ED Fitness for Soccer Advanced

Larry Beutler played competitive soccer for over 26 years in the Portland metropolitan area, including many years in the 1st Division of the Greater Portland Soccer District. He has coached at the high school and college level for over 17 years. At Reed, he has helped develop a strong and competitive team on the field, increased the visibility of the team on campus and has enabled many students of all skill levels to participate in what is known as “the world’s most popular game.” As a player he continues to get older and slower.

Mary Bradley

Course: Pilates

Pilates is a system of exercise founded by Joseph Pilates. Pilates is designed to enhance your physical strength, flexibility, posture, and mental awareness. The class will focus on strengthening your core muscles. Core muscles include your back, abdomen and hips. Concentration, Control, Centering, Precision, Breathing and Flow are the six principles of Pilates. Classes are multilevel and modifiable to student needs. Each student is able to progress according to their own ability. Some sessions incorporate techniques from The MELT Method. MELT is the first neurofascial pain relief, self-treatment technique.

WHAT TO WEAR: Wear fitness, workout or yoga clothes. Bring a water bottle. We wear socks or go barefoot in class.

CONTACT: 503-267-2415 or

Debbie Brawley

Course: Horseback Riding

Debbie Brawley has grown up in the horse industry and has over 50 years of experience riding and training students for the hunter/jumper rings.  Debbie's knowledge and passion continue to guide and inspire her students to success in the ring, from lead line to Grand Prix.

Erin Bray

Course: Women’s Indoor Soccer
Club: Women’s Soccer Club

Bio coming soon.

Stuart Celarier

Course: Juggling

Stuart Celarier (Reed '83) learned to juggle in college and has been teaching juggling at Reed for years. He also teaches juggling at the Oregon Country Fair and juggling festivals. Stuart cofounded the Portland Juggling Festival which is hosted at Reed each fall.

Michael Clark

Course: Bike Clinic

A former chef and lifelong bike rider, Mike Clark discovered his calling while volunteering for the Bicycle Transportation Alliance’s Bike Safety program at his kids’ school. He has been active: empowering children, teaching bike safety, and exploring neighborhoods throughout the Metro area during the last half dozen years. He has been employed on and off by The Street Trust, Community Cycling Center, Washington County Bicycle Transportation Coalition & Reed College during this time. Mike’s love of bike riding exploration started with mountain bikes while growing up in Pennsylvania. An avid mountain biker he has explored much, but nowhere near enough, of the Pacific Northwest woods during his almost thirty years as an Oregonian. He generally prefers the quiet of dirt to the noise of asphalt. Over the last decade he has also become an enthusiastic, if not fast, bike racer. He prefers to spend his rare non-bike time reading, playing games with family & friends, and generally puttering around his neighborhood.

Loretta Czekala

Course: Archery

Sam Drevo

Courses: Kayaking: Beginning, Kayaking: Intermediate, Raft, Sea Kayak & Canoe

Sam Drevo is an instructor trainer for the ACA in whitewater kayaking, a Rescue 3 instructor in swiftwater rescue, and a WFR. He comes to Reed from a competitive background in whitewater kayaking having competed on Team USA in 5 disciplines of the sport, and recently was a member of Team USA (masters) at the 2016 Whitewater Rafting World Championships in Abu Dhabi UAE and brought home a silver medal in the downriver, and a bronze overall. Sam started the Lewis and Clark Paddling club back in the 90's, graduated with a business degree, and has been running a kayak school and raft company since- for 18 years.

Anthony Dyer

Course: Capoeira

I am Anthony Dyer. I have been teaching or help teach the capoeira class at Reed College since 2005. I am of Professor level in the group capoeira São Salvador under the leadership of Mestre Pedro Cruz. I have been a member of that group since 2003.

Capoeira São Salvador/PDX

Jennifer Edelson

Courses: Cardio Kickboxing, Boxing Bootcamp

Jennifer Edelson was born and raised near Johannesburg, South Africa. She holds an undergraduate degree in social work from University of the Witwatersrand, and a masters degree in teaching from Lewis and Clark College. Jennifer teaches ESL math and English full-time at Madison High School in Portland, where she is also the strength and conditioning coach for the swim team and the girls' golf team.  A mother of five, a workout fanatic and athlete, Jennifer also teaches kickboxing at a Portland studio, and has been a fitness instructor in a variety of settings since 1985. At Reed, Jennifer also teaches "Fit You."

Jennifer brings high energy and focus to her classes. She emphasizes form and expects her students to be prepared to sweat and test their limits.

Rob Garcia

Course: Fencing: All Levels

Mackenzie Griffith

Course: Weight Room Confidence

Coach Mac is very much into muscular strength and development. She believes everyone has a right to feel strong and capable in their own bodies, and that there’s power in reflecting that strength on the outside.

As a Precision Nutrition certified coach, Mac helps folks develop a more nuanced relationship with food and practice eating awareness to meet their goals without food restriction.

As a Human Movement Specialist, Mac designs her training programs with a focus on functional strength, mobility, and injury prevention. 

Mac likes to bring a playful and high energy vibe into all her training sessions, because working out should be fun and empowering!

Madeleine (Maddi) Hanlon-Austin

Course: Swim Instruction

I've been swimming for 16 years, from Summer Swim League and CYO to Grant high school and Grinnell College in Iowa. I've worked for Portland Parks and Recreation for 8 years as a lifeguard and swim instructor. I've also got my fair share of swim coaching thrown in over those years. It'd be easy to say the water is my second home. I enjoy sharing that aquatic passion with people, both experienced and new to the water!

During my time out of the water, I'm an English Major at PSU, reading too many books at once and writing stories on any available surface

Ward Holverson

Courses: Strength Training Beginning, Strength Training Advanced

Instructor bio coming soon.

Aaron Hursey

Club: Ultimate Frisbee Club

Rachel Johnson

Courses: Rugby , PE Rugby

Rachel Johnson is a Reed College Rugby Alumna and current USA Rugby Women's National team athlete. She is a 200 level certified rugby coach, NASM personal trainer and soon to be Psychiatric Mental Health RN. Rachel loves developing the next generation of Reed Ruggers whether their aspirations are in high level play, social athletics and/or building stronger community and leadership through sport.

Joel La Follette

Course: Fly Fishing

Joel La Follette is a 6-generation Oregonian and life-long fly angler. Benefiting from a varied career path that included, commercial fishing, illustrative photography, and auto-racing, he now owns and operates Royal Treatment Fly Fishing in West Linn, Oregon. In addition to overseeing the day to day operation of his business, writing a weekly newsletter, consulting on special industry-related events, and volunteering for a variety of angling related causes, Joel is currently serving on the Board of Directors for the American Fly Fishing Trade Association.

Eldon Lampson

Course: Lifeguard Training

Hobbies include: Anything to do with the water, whether frozen or liquid. Sea Kayaking my wife and I have a tandem kayak that we enjoy, snow shoeing, snow skiing, water skiing, sailing, swimming, SCUBA diving, white water rafting, well you get the picture. Always obey the "1 Rule". Have as much fun you can in whatever you are doing as long as it does not interfere with, or impede on, another's fun.

Other stuff: I am married for 7 years now to my long lost and recently found High School sweetheart Debbie. I have two step-sons Parker 13 and Grant 17. I have a BS in Parks and Recreation Administration form the University of Northern Colorado and have managed Recreation facilities for the past 18 years.

Christian Lincoln

Course: Capoeira

Michael Lombardo

Courses: Ski Snowboard and Telemark Ski Class, Off Campus PE

Michael Lombardo assumed the role of Director of Athletics, Fitness, and Outdoor Programs at Reed College in August, 2006. Michael has been affiliated with Reed since completing an internship in Counseling Psychology here in 2001. His formal education includes two masters’ degrees; one is Sports Physiology and the other in Counseling Psychology. Michael has more than 20 years of experience in the sports and health fields. He has worked for private corporations and educational institutions including Yale University as the Associate Director of Intramural Athletics and Sports Camps. Michael understands the importance of a balance between the mind and body. He views the Reed Sports Center to be a place where students come not only to meet their PE requirement and exercise but also a healthy, nonstressful environment for them to form relationships with their peers, faculty and staff.

Tyra Lovato

Course: Pilates Mat Class

Chris Lydgate

Course: Running Outdoors

Melissa Monsef

Courses: Lower Body Abs, Intro to Fitness

Melissa Monsef is a personal trainer and group fitness instructor in the Portland area. She is very passionate about health and fitness and loves to help people construct healthier lifestyles. Melissa has competed in two fitness competitions with the WBFF.

Devi Morris

Courses: Yoga: Hatha 1 & 2, Yoga: for Relaxation

With over a decade of teaching experience, Devi integrates various traditional styles of yoga to construct a well-sequenced class cultivating breath and body awareness. She often incorporates different styles of music in her classes including sources chosen for their ability to raise one’s vibrational frequency. Her goal is to lead students through a fluid and meditative practice to help free themselves of distractions and negative trappings of the mind. She hopes to inspire students to apply the teachings of yoga for a more balanced and mindful approach to their busy lives.

James Morrison

Courses: Level 1 Self Defense Theory and Fitness, Level 2 Self Defense Theory and Fitness

Bill Nelson 62'

Course: Folk Dancing: From Classical Greek to Modern Israeli

Bill Nelson
Director of Folk Dancing for the City of Portland

A Personal Note: When I was a student at Reed, I lived a reclusive life, mainly in the chemistry building. Folk dancing changed all that, and it has continued to be integral to my life, allowing me to cultivate friends from all around the world.

I have folk danced since my Reed student days.

Julie Noonan

Courses: Badminton, Squash Beginning, Intermediate and Team

Julie has been teaching classes for the Dept. of Physical Education for almost twenty years. Class emphasis includes lifetime learning skills, overall fitness and agility, and student enjoyment and improvement in a friendly environment.

Julie holds a Bachelors of Science degree from the University of Oregon and received her teaching certification training at Portland State University. She has also taught badminton at the Multnomah Athletic Club and tennis in both public and private settings.

Julie is married and has three children. She has been an active volunteer chairman of numerous committees in the public schools. Hobbies include hiking, gardening, racquet sports, golf and biking.

Erin Nova

Courses: Yoga: Hatha Intermediate, Yoga: A.M.

I am a personal trainer and yoga instructor who is committed to supporting everyone as they develop a personal wellness routine.

I currently teach online donation yoga and fitness classes 5 times per week that anyone can join!


D.J. Rayley

Course: Hip-Hop Dance 1-2

DJ grew up in the performing arts and is a graduate from the nationally renowned Jefferson High School Performing Arts Program, committed to educating and preparing students for the physical and mental demands of a performing arts career. She has extensive formal cross-training in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern, and theater, and in the traditional ethnic forms of African and Polynesian.  Complementing her formal training—DJ developed her Hip Hop skills being raised in the original roots of underground street mastery, focusing on the real life experience of cultivating the style, steps and culture.

DJ's background includes performing for launch parties, fashion shows, Cable Network Television, Starry Night Club, KBOO radio, Oregon Symphony, Funksion III, the Miss Portland pageant, Five Fingers of Funk Band, Hip Hop artist Timothy C., a modern dance soloist directed by Keith Goodman, and has been featured in the Oregonian, Willamette Week, KOIN 6 News, KATU with Helen Raptis, and Dance Studio Life Magazine.

For the past 17 years, DJ has been teaching Tap, Hip Hop, and Contemporary dance classes from beginning to advanced levels through a variety of institutions and programs such as Reed College, Mt. Hood Community College, Portland State International Special Programs with Japan, Korea and China, Renaissance Art Academy, YMA (Young Musicians and Artists), and other related organizations like private studios, community centers, and Portland Public elementary, middle and high schools.

DJ's diverse background, both as a performer and a teacher, has given her the knowledge to assist many of her students to advance into professional dance careers in L.A., New York, Washington D.C., and internationally. Her work has been recognized both regionally and nationally, granting her with awards for entertainment, age appropriate content, creative staging and musicality. Her personal commitment to dance education and training has given her liberty to study with famed choreographers from So You Think You Can Dance and You Got Served.

In addition to teaching dance, she is a member of NEA, the National Education Association, was certified by Oregon Teachers Standards and Practices Commission in 2009, and is a freelance lecturer for a series of teaching presentations for PSU, City Club of Portland, and Highline Community College.

Brenna Sahatjian

Course: Women’s Indoor Soccer

Bio Coming Soon.

Jogen Salzberg

Course: Zen Mind Meditation

Adam Jogen Salzberg is a Zen Buddhist monastic who has been in full-time residential training at Great Vow Zen Monastery of Clatskanie, OR since 2003. He has practiced meditation for fifteen years in various traditions. In his free time he enjoys poetry, painting, good coffee and jazz.

Eric Kallio

Course: Team Building

Eric is our current ski cabin manager for Reed College on the slopes of Mt. Hood.

Eliot Sitt

Course: Traditional Tai Chi Beginning/Intermediate

Eliot has been teaching Tai Chi for over 10 years. He first began learning Tai Chi as a student at Reed from Dave Barrett. He has also studied with Sifu Pikshan Ko and Sifu Gregory Fong. He is a licensed acupuncturist who practices Traditional Chinese Medicine in Milwaukie, OR.

Ethan Smith-Gillespie

Courses: Co-ED Fitness for Soccer Beginning, Co-ED Fitness for Soccer Advanced

Ethan has played top-flight soccer for various club, ODP and Super-Y League teams in Arizona and Oregon until joining the Cascade Surge PDL team for several seasons. Ethan’s soccer career was cut short due to a recurring injury several years ago. Now that Ethan is no longer playing competitive soccer, he has begun coaching to help others enjoy the beautiful game, while improving their skills and growing in character. Outside of coaching, Ethan owns a Digital Agency in Portland and works with some of the world's leading athletic, technology and consumer goods brands.

Rodney Sofich

Courses: Backcountry Navigation, Intro to Climbing Knots and Hitches

Rodney is an Oregon native.  Rodney has been instructing for Reed college since 2003 with his diverse outdoor experience.  He has been guiding and instructing in Pacific Northwest for the past ten years.  Within that time period he found time to be a seasonal Wilderness and Climbing Ranger for the Mt. Hood National Forest, co-instructs avalanche courses with MountainSavvy, filling in hours at a locally owned outdoor shop, and learning the art making climbing packs with Cilogear. Rodney has a Masters degree from Portland State University in Public Administration in Natural Resources.  Rodney also has an AIARE Level II Avalanche certificate.  He is also pursuing professional development with the American Mountain Guides Association, having completed the Single Pitch Instructors Course, Rock Instructor Course, and an Alpine Guides Course.  Rodney also maintains a Wilderness First Responder.  You can learn more about Rodney by reading the Reed Magazine “On the Ledge

Theresa Sparks

Courses: Lifeguard Training, Swim Instruction

Lisa Stanley

Course: Meditation for Wellness & Resiliency

Lisa Stanley has been studying and practicing Buddhist meditation since the late 1970’s. She enjoys teaching meditation in a variety of settings to people with widely diverse backgrounds and interests. Lisa attended a three month Buddhist Seminary in 1985 at which time she was certified to teach. She recently lived and worked in a residential meditation retreat center for over three years before moving to Portland. Lisa is currently the Director of the Shambhala Meditation Center of Portland, as well as a teacher of “dharma art” and ikebana (Japanese flower arranging).

Talia Stoessel

Course: Step Aerobics

Instructor bio coming soon.

Will Symms

Courses: Swim Fitness, Intro to Outdoor Activities, Rock Climbing: Independent

Born in Idaho, Will received his B.S. in Resource Recreation and Tourism Management in 97' from the University of Idaho. Will went back to school to keep up with the demands of the Reed students and attained his M.S. in Management and Organizational Leadership 11'. Will has worked in various recreational areas including work in the indoor climbing industry, state and county parks and recreation. Recreation, no matter active or passive works as a universal language among diverse crosssections of individuals to release pressure, learn new concepts and simply have fun.

You can find Will in the Outdoor Center Level 3 at the Sports Center various hours. Come on in and say hello and check out the climbing wall, backpack co-op and outdoor resource center to plan your new trip or just hang out in a casual environment.

Will oversees activities related to Physical Education and Outdoor Programming at Reed College including 1st year Orientation Odysseys, Reed Ski Cabin, Reed Outing Club, Outdoor Gray Fund, Backpack CoOp and Outdoor physical education classes. Interests include any outdoor activities and spending some quality time with his two son's Liam and Tresler.

Vanessa Thiessen

Course: Ballet

Maria Thomas

Courses: Level 1 Self Defense Theory and Fitness, Level 2 Self Defense Theory and Fitness

Hello! My name is Maria Thomas. I’ve been a martial arts instructor for over a decade, and the longer I teach the more convinced I become that, on the larger scale, preventing violence must be done by changing the way people think: about consent, about confidence, about entitlement, and about respect. As a smaller queer woman who grew up chronically ill, I’ve learned first-hand how a better understanding of (and relationship with) our physical selves can foster the confidence needed to maintain the personal boundaries necessary for personal self-defense. And, in a culture that puts a heavy emphasis on being the baddest and the best, learning to control instinctive reactions to stress and focus on de-escalation rather than “winning” is a paradigm shift that can echo through interpersonal conflict. I look forward to offering students tools which can help them control adrenaline that might otherwise escalate a situation, and then tap into that adrenaline if they actually need it in a physical situation.

Eduardo Torres

Course: Muay Thai Kickboxing

Instructor bio coming soon.

Leslie Walker

Course: Rowing

Bio Coming Soon.

Nathan Watt

Courses: Kayaking: Beginning, Kayaking: Intermediate

Drew White

Course: Rock Climbing: Route Setting Introduction

Drew White was raised in upstate South Carolina and went on to earn a bachelor's degree in business and a master's in higher education from Baylor University. He first started climbing in 2003, and has been coaching and route setting since 2011. White is a certified USA Climbing coach and Level 2 route setter, Leave No Trace Master Educator, and Wilderness First Responder. A true lover of the great outdoors, he's also an avid cyclist, runner and skier in his free time.

Ried Woodlee

Courses: Men’s Basketball, Basketball Connect

Coach Ried Woodlee has been with the Reed Basketball team since 2010. He was asked to take over as head coach in the Fall of 2012 after assisting Mario De Ieso the previous two seasons.

Basketball has always been a part of Woodlee’s life. He has played on teams from an early age all the way through college. He grew up in Anchorage, Alaska where he played at A.J. Dimond High School. After high school, he played at Treasure Valley Community College in Ontario, Oregon before transferring to Warner Pacific College in Portland, Oregon. At Warner, he met three important people: his wife, Kimberly Cimmiyotti, the former head coach, Mario De Ieso, and the current assistant coach, Lamar Tillman.

Ried Woodlee has a B.A. in English from Warner Pacific, and a M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction from Concordia University. He has taught English Language Development and Languages Arts at Centennial High School in Gresham, Oregon since 2004. In April of 2013, he welcomed his first child into the world, Miles Alexander Woodlee.

Ernest Yago

Course: Zumba

I am the eldest of three brothers born to Filipino immigrants in Kahului, Maui, Hawai'i. After graduating from high school, I came to Portland, Oregon to go to college. I graduated from the University of Portland in 1997 with my BA in Education and a minor in Music. I later returned to the same school to obtain my M.Ed in Educational Leadership in 2005. I am currently a middle school teacher in Portland Public Schools and my specialty is mathematics. Outside of my teaching job, I sing and dance with PGMC (I have been a member since 1997) and play oboe and sing at the Chapel of Christ the Teacher. I also love to cook, garden, work out, and travel, when I get the chance. I started my journey to become a Zumba® instructor in January 2011. You can read about the rest of my journey here on my Zumba® website: Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the class. I look forward to having you and your great energy in my class and having fun. Baila!

Rodney Zaharchuk

Course: Squash Beginning, Intermediate and Team

I'm an Australian who played competition squash there for many years then, after moving to U.S. played in the Portland league.

There are lots of Youtube tips for squash technique and strategy.