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Ski Cabin Policies & Procedures

Manager: Eric C. Kallio

The cabin manager is a great resource for learning about current conditions, local hotspots, and general life on the mountain. Upon arrival at the cabin, please introduce yourself to the manager and inquire about updates to cabin rules and amenities. Please comply with specific directions and requests, since the manager is responsible for policy and care of the cabin. Also, please be considerate of the space: clean up after yourself, help with chores, and add to the ambiance by doing something extra to keep the cabin a special place. Remember: this is the manager's home.

Reservations Policy

Due to the limited occupancy, advance reservations are required. Reservations can be made online, or contact the cabin manager.

Reservations Policy

  • Individual students may make reservations two weeks in advance.
  • Faculty, alumni and staff members may make reservations only within a week of an intended stay.
  • Priority is given to student groups, such as dorms, Reed Outing Club trips, or academic classes, with each group being able to schedule the cabin for one night at any point during the school year.
  • The cabin is not to serve as the permanent or temporary residence for anyone other than the manager.

Reservations Requirements

  • Your Reed I.D. number must be provided to secure the reservation. Access to the reservartion site is located on IRIS. If your plans change, please cancel your reservation so that others may reserve cabin space.
  • There is a three day maximum stay for individuals during a given 30 day period, unless authorized by the director or assistant director of athletics, fitness, and outdoor programs.
  • Reed groups may only reserve the space for 24 hours.

Ski Cabin Log

All visitors must sign the cabin log, whether staying for the night or simply stopping by for an après-ski hot chocolate. This helps keep track of cabin usage and justifies continued funding. Please bring your Reed or alumni I.D. card with you so that the cabin manager can confirm your affiliation with the college.

Cabin Access

You will be given the combination to the lock when you make reservations. In an emergency, this combination can also be obtained from the sports center assistant director, ski cabin manager or from community safety. Your Reed I.D. is required for receipt of the combination. The combination is changed monthly. Day use visitors must have a combination or valid Reed ID to verify access. Access for day use is not guaranteed since the manager is not on the site 24/7 for access, please plan ahead. Drop in overnight usage is not guaranteed, due to a strict fire marshall occupancy code we are limited to space. If no space is available for drop-in visitors you will be asked to leave the cabin. 


There is a 14-person occupancy limit. Should you arrive when that number has been reached, you may be asked to leave. Priority will go to those who have made reservations; if you do not have confirmed reservations, please have a backup plan.


Parking at the cabin is extremely limited. If there is no room in the driveway, you must park in one of the designated Sno-Park areas at the bottom of Mucoy Drive. This requires a Sno-Park pass, which can be purchased from one of the local restaurants or ski shops.

Parking Tips

  • Pay close attention to signs to avoid parking in a tow-away zone.
  • Do not park under the snowloaded pitch of the cabin roof due to potential damage to your vehicle. Reed vans must park at the bottom of the hill on Government Camp's main street if there is snow loaded on the cabin roof.
  • If you park by the cabin, be prepared to move your car early for those who want to ski.
  • Never park on any of the roads around the cabin, as these are routes that must remain open for neighbors and emergency vehicles.


Pets are allowed only if they do not disturb other visitors, and then only in the downstairs portion of the cabin. If the cabin is busy, please consider leaving your pet under care elsewhere. Pets must be caged, on leash, or under excellent voice command at all times, or owners will be asked by the cabin manager to escort them offsite immediately.

Smoking & AOD Use

There will be no smoking inside the cabin. Please be considerate of others if smoking on one of the porches. State law prohibits smoking within 10 feet of any public place. No illegal substances should be used anywhere on the cabin grounds. Alcoholic beverages may be enjoyed only in moderation and only by people 21 years of age and older. Drunkenness and illicit drug use are grounds for being permanently barred from the cabin. Please refer to the guidebook on the change in Oregon Law regarding Marijuana legalization. 

The possession or use of marijuana on the Reed campus is not permitted. Although Oregon state law permits the use and possession of marijuana within certain restrictions for those who are 21 and over, the state law prohibits use in public spaces and specifically lists schools as defined public places. Moreover, marijuana possession and use is illegal under federal law and permitting its use at Reed College would violate the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act.

If Reed College fails to comply with the federal Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act, it risks becoming ineligible for federal funding and student financial aid programs, such as National Science Foundation grants, Pell grants, and other forms of federal financial aid.


All guests of Reed students, faculty, alumni or staff members must be accompanied by a Reed host at all times while in the cabin. It is the responsibility of the Reed host to ensure that guests behavior and actions are appropriate and honorable. Each Reed community member may bring only one visitor at a time; there should never be more non-Reed guests than Reed guests. Visitors without reservations must give up their space for Reed community members if space is an issue.


Each winter the cabin is stocked with several cords of wood for use by all cabin visitors. Directions for using the stove are posted. Please keep the woodstove doors close as as leaving the doors open allows considerable amounts of heat to escape and quickly uses up firewood. Fires should not be left unattended. Splitting wood is to occur only outside the cabin. Eye protection is highly recommended while splitting wood.

Good Neighbors

The Reed Ski Cabin is located steps away from various neighbors in the Government Camp Villiage. As quality members of the neighborhood the expectation of all visitors is to conduct themselves with honor while visiting the cabin. Please be kind and courteous to neighbors by abiding by quiet hours, keeping voices down, parking in designated areas, cleaning up around the cabin and being quality individuals.