Sustainability at Reed


Trillium Residence Hall
  • LEED Platinum
  • Solar panels on roof (106.4 kW array)
  • Passive heating/cooling
  • Stormwater capture


The Grove Residence Halls
  • LEED certified
  • Bioswales
  • Low flow water fixtures


Performing Arts Building
  • Earth Advantage certified
  • Eco-roof with 100% native Oregon plants
  • 100% on-site storm water management
  • Solar panels on roof (123 kW arrays)
  • Daylight sensor-controlled lighting


Around campus
  • Reed participates in PGE's Energy Partner Program
  • Limits on building heating/cooling (78° in summer, 68° in winter)
  • 3% of our public purpose charge is invested in Clean Wind initiatives
  • All building mechanical systems linked through energy management system for optimum natural gas savings
  • Low-voltage lighting, time clocks, motion detectors, and light sensors minimize electrical use
  • Low-flow nozzles on sinks and showers and low-volume toilets in restrooms
Ameresco Measurement and Verification Project (2011)
  • Partnered with Ameresco for a comprehensive 3 year energy use audit
  • Committed $5.4 million to implement changes to minimize energy use by maximizing equipment life and altered building management
  • Changes resulted in verified savings of $283,000/year for electricity, water, and natural gas
  • Check out our utilities usage since 2011:

Campus projects


Reed Canyon Restoration


Recycling Center - located on the first floor of GCC by the mailroom


Composting on campus


Cleaning products

  • Building services staff utilize Buckeye Eco cleaning products which are safer for the user and the environment 



  • Bon Appetit sustainable practices
    • 20% of purchases from local sources (within 150 miles of kitchen)
    • Use of BPI-certified compostable, VerTerra’s Dinnerware From Fallen Leaves™
    • Reusable cup initiative promotes use of reusable coffee cups in Commons
  • Bon Appétit at Reed team won a Gold Sustainability Award through the city of Portland's Sustainability at Work program in 2014



Contact Us 

Hayden Hendersen
Student Sustainability Coordinator

Sadiemae Bell
Assistant Student Sustainability Coordinator

We are located in the Sustainability Office (the Infoshoppe) in the GCC.