Sports Center


Instructor: Laurie Robinson

The skills of archery will be taught and basic to advance techniques will be covered. Archery is a good physical activity and a lifetime sport for fun and relaxation; it is not a strength sport, but a skill sport. Archery equipment is provided for Reed students during participation in scheduled PE archery classes. Three beginning classes are offered during the first quarter of first semester. One intermediate class is offered during the fourth quarter. All archery classes are supervised by a certified instructor approved and employed by the college.

Equipment usage:

Use of archery equipment outside of class time is limited to students who have taken a minimum of two quarters of archery classes for PE credit. Submission of a proposal to use the PE departments archery equipment is required for review by the archery instructor and Director of Physical Education prior to authorization. Consideration for use of the colleges archery equipment may be allowed only during the summer months while Reed College is not in session.

Any student wishing to practice must be approved by the archery instructor and the Director of Physical Education. A specific equipment form must be filled out which releases the college of liability. The borrower is responsible for damage or loss of any college owned equipment. Written signature is also required. Archery site must be approved by Director of Physical Education. Community Safety must be informed of any archery practice on campus outside of scheduled PE classes.