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Love yoga? Can't get enough of the snow? Want to learn to scale a mountain peak? Need to calm your mind and keep your body still? Taking a class through athletics, fitness, and outdoor programs will give you the answers and also help you graduate.

With around 60 classes per quarter offered by top-notch instructors, you're bound to learn something new, keep boredom at bay, and keep your mind and body in tiptop shape. Find inspiration in the descriptions below.

See the course catalog for the nuts and bolts of what's required for graduation and what’s being offered each semester.

ABC's of Self Defense

Instructor: Maria Thomas

Self-defense is far more than just kicking and punching--it starts with our mindsets and our ability to set and maintain boundaries, and continues after an altercation to include how well we can explain what happened. This course focuses on situational awareness, assertive behavior, and defensive skills to provide a foundation that will help students to de-escalate confrontational situations if possible, and to protect themselves if avoiding violence is impossible.  
This class is open to all experience levels, but focuses on providing a safe and welcoming environment for beginners


Instructor: Laurie Robinson

Archery is a fascinating sport that teaches calm, relaxed focus under the tension of the bow. Whether you are interested in the meditative aspects, competition, or just as a fun, fresh-air antidote to the rigors of academia, the class will give you the skills for safe, precise shooting. Three beginning classes are offered during the first quarter of first semester, although more advanced students can also take the fall classes and will benefit. One intermediate/advanced class is offered during the fourth quarter in what can be more challenging weather. Having taken archery previously at Reed is a prerequisite for that class. Recurve bows in a variety of draw weights are provided for Reed students during participation in scheduled PE archery classes. Form is far more important than strength. The style of shooting we teach is traditional or barebow -- Robin Hood would recognize the way we shoot. All archery classes are supervised by a certified instructor approved and employed by the college. Note that although the class is held on the Great Lawn, the first class session of the quarter meets by the lockers in the Sports Center.

Equipment usage:

Use of archery equipment outside of class time is limited to students who have taken a minimum of two quarters of archery classes for PE credit. Submission of a proposal to use the PE departments archery equipment is required for review by the archery instructor and Director of Physical Education prior to authorization. Consideration for use of the colleges archery equipment may be allowed only during the summer months while Reed College is not in session.

Any student wishing to practice must be approved by the archery instructor and the Director of Physical Education. A specific equipment form must be filled out which releases the college of liability. The borrower is responsible for damage or loss of any college owned equipment. Written signature is also required. Archery site must be approved by Director of Physical Education. Community Safety must be informed of any archery practice on campus outside of scheduled PE classes.

Backcountry Navigation

Instructor: Rodney Sofich

Have you ever been lost in the back-country, or wondered how to really use that compass that you got for your birthday five years ago? Rest assured, this class helps you learn and practice your map-reading and compass skills. We invest a few afternoon sessions on campus learning the necessary navigation basics for backcountry travel; a couple of days of navigating off-trail in some gorgeous areas within a couple hours of Portland helps us further solidify these skills. This is an excellent class for those who want to play in the backcountry on their own or lead outdoor trips in the future.


Instructor: Julie Noonan

This class covers grip, forehand and backhand overhead strokes, clear, service and service return, drop shots, smashes, drives, net shots and footwork. It also explains game rules and strategies for singles and doubles play.


Instructor: Erik Skinner

Ballet ll/lll is a beginning intermediate Ballet class. It will be taught with the understanding that the student has had some ballet instruction prior to this class and has a grasp of the beginning ballet vocabulary.

Note: This class is offered through the dance department, and you can receive both academic and PE credit for taking the class. Please direct any questions to the dance department.

Bike Clinic

Instructor: Michael Clark

Bike Clinic is intended for everyone! Seriously. Lycra-clad speedracer? Dirty cut-offs retrogrouch? Sweet. First, you will have to grin and bear some basic safety instructions and rules of the road, but then we ride. We'll pedal to a local custom frame builder for a facility tour. We'll pedal to a shop to learn about working on our bikes. We'll pedal to a local brewery to learn about how bikes have impacted their business. We'll pedal to farmers markets. We'll get to talk to long-distance touring riders about their experiences. We'll even pedal around just to pedal around. It is certainly intended to be a fluid experience, so plan on bringing your own ideas of what you want to do. Your hands will get dirty from working on your bike, and you'll get a bit sweaty, but you'll love it. If you don't have a bike, we'll find one for you. Too cool to wear a helmet? Don't sign up.  Otherwise, I look forward to riding with you!

Bouldering 1&2

Instructor: Rodney Sofich

This course will introduce you to the indoor world of pulling plastic at the local haunts of Portland. We head to the Circuit Bouldering gyms for this 7-week course. There is a course fee that is billed to the student account that gives you a 7-week unlimited use pass to any Circuit Bouldering gym. This allows you to hone your craft outside of class when you have some free time. We provide transportation and professional instruction on the night you are registered for the course.

Boxing Bootcamp

Instructor: Jennifer Edelson

This class relies on kickboxing concepts as a backdrop for cardio and muscular development. Students punch and kick free-standing bags, building athletic coordination in a supportive and engaging environment. Open to students of any fitness level. Boxing gloves required and available for sale at "The Cage" in the Sports Center.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Instructor: John (JJ) Hewitt

BJJ, or the "gentle art," is the fastest growing martial art and combat sport in the world for good reason: it's functional, efficient, accessible to all, and really, really fun. The art specializes in ground fighting, focusing on positional dominance and using leverage and proper technique so that a smaller person can successfully defend or compete against a larger opponent.

This class focuses on the fundamental positions, postures and techniques of BJJ. We'll practice our skills against progressive resistance and aim to acquire a functional, effective skill set, establishing a solid foundation for continued practice.


Instructor: Christian Lincoln

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that dynamically blends an array of kicks, sweeps and acrobatics by setting them to traditional Brazilian rhythms and songs. It is simultaneously a martial art, a dance, a game, and a ritual. Having survived since its inception by African slaves who were brought to Brazil hundreds of years ago, Capoeira flourished in Bahia, Brazil during the early 20th century and continues to thrive and evolve today in the 21st century. Students are not only educated in methods of attack and evasion but also become familiar with the music, customs, philosophy and language of Capoeira. The result being not only a total body workout but immersion in a 100% Brazilian art form.

Cardio Kickboxing

Instructor: Jennifer Edelson

This class relies on kickboxing concepts as a backdrop for cardio and muscular development. Students punch and kick free-standing bags, building athletic coordination in a supportive and engaging environment. Open to students of any fitness level. Boxing gloves required and available for sale at "The Cage" in the Sports Center.

Fencing: All Levels

Instructor: Rob Garcia

Fencing classes meet twice a week Tuesday/Thursday evenings 6:30-8:00 pm and are a mix of group exercises, one to one drills, and sparring. The focus is on having fun, being physically active and practicing mental awareness and flexibility. Students are welcome to take any section multiple times.

  • Beginning Fencing: foil fencing basics including attacks, defenses and adaptability.
  • Intermediate Fencing: intermediate foil skills plus an introduction to the other two fencing weapons, saber and epee.
  • Advanced Fencing: A greater focus on tactics, strategy and refereeing fellow classmates.

General notes:

Any student who has completed at least a quarter’s worth of Reed Fencing is always welcome to drop in and take a single class or more for fun, as long as the class has room and extra loaner gear (or you have your own). Come by once a year, or stop in once a week—the door is always open.

Fit You

Instructor: Jennifer Edelson

Jennifer Edelson was born and raised near Johannesburg, South Africa. She holds an undergraduate degree in social work from University of the Witwatersrand, and a masters degree in teaching from Lewis and Clark College. Jennifer teaches ESL math and English full-time at Madison High School in Portland, where she is also the strength and conditioning coach for the swim team and the girls' golf team. A mother of five, a workout fanatic and athlete, Jennifer also teaches kickboxing at a Portland studio, and has been a fitness instructor in a variety of settings since 1985. At Reed, Jennifer also teaches Cardio Kickboxing.

Jennifer brings high energy and focus to her classes. She emphasizes form and expects her students to be prepared to sweat and test their limits.

Fit You is a rigorous 50 minute class designed for anyone who wants to test their physical limits and get a total body workout. Students will be introduced to a variety of exercises and equipment including ropes, resistance bands, sliders, and light weights. This class is open to students of any fitness level who want to develop cardio endurance, core strength, and muscular definition.

Fly Fishing

Instructor: Joel La Follette

This 7-week course will provide students with a practical understanding of the mechanics, techniques, terminology and history of the art and science of fly fishing. Students will develop awareness of environmental issues concerning watersheds and the health of fish populations while immersing themselves in learning a life long recreational skill. The class will culminate with a full day on the water fishing experience.

Fly fishing is a sport that you can put a little or a lot into and will be repaid with countless memories that will last a lifetime.

Folk Dancing: From Classical Greek to Modern Israeli

Instructor: Bill Nelson

Folk dancing, first and foremost, is about the joy of moving to music, combined with the celebration of community. The dances are usually done in a line or circle, giving the novice dancer the support of fellow dancers on either side. Historically, folk dancing, as I know it, began with the Greek hora about 3,000 years ago (as described by Homer). Over the centuries, the hora spread north throughout the Balkans to Russia, east to Asia Minor, and south to the Mediterranean and Middle East, culminating in modern times with an explosion of choreographies from Israel.  As the Greek hora became adopted by different cultures, it changed in appearance, reflecting the styles and sensibilities of the cultures. Amazingly, it did not change its basic structure or its cadence. Nevertheless, one has to feel a great sense of awe for the transformational power of cultural diversity as an agent of creativity. Hopefully, these words will make more sense once you have learned the many dances that have resulted from the Greek hora’s remarkable journey.

Class Times:
Sundays, 3:30-5:30 (Sports Center-Dance Studio)

Functional Self-Defense

Instructor: John (JJ) Hewitt

There are plenty of misconceptions about "Self Defense", and approaching the concept can be an intimidating endeavor. This class makes it easy! We pull from the practical, proven arts of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA and other defensive tactic systems to train in an accessible, safe, cooperative, and friendly environment.

The class focus is on the progressive development of positional awareness and defensive skills for all abilities, at all ranges of combat, against resisting opponents. Whether you are training for fitness, competition, self-defense, or just for the shear joy of it, there is a place for you in this class.

Hip Hop

Instructor: D.J. Rayley

This class teaches and breaks down the fundamental execution of Hip Hop movement. Students will explore foundational B-boy steps, Popping, Locking, footwork and other urban related dance crazes and social forms in order to practice the building blocks for developing confidence, self-expression, and a personal street groove. In addition, this class emphasizes cardiovascular conditioning, balance, agility, coordination, improvisation and choreography. This course is open to all students interested in Hip Hop. The class is designed to teach beginners and challenge advanced students.

Horseback Riding

Instructor: Debbie Brawley

The Reed Horseback Riding PE class allows students the opportunity to receive exceptional instruction on top-quality school horses.  From beginning riders to the more advanced, we have horses and instruction to help further your foundation in the hunt-seat system of riding.  There is a mandatory meeting at 5 pm the first Monday of every quarter to coordinate scheduling and logistics.  Please see for additional information.

Intro to Fitness

Instructor: Melissa Monsef

In this inclusive beginner class, students will learn how to design a fitness program using cardiovascular and resistance training methods. Students will be taught a wide variety of exercises as well as proper form, basic muscle function, and the purpose of different training styles. At the end of the term, students will have individualized fitness programs that reflect their personal fitness goals and preferences.  This course is perfect for all body types and abilities, and a good place to start no matter what your fitness level.


Instructor: Stuart Celarier

Learn to juggle! An incredible variety of juggling and related forms await you including flow arts, circus arts, and object manipulation. Equipment is provided. Students start with learning 3-ball juggling, and are given the opportunity to explore in many directions including 3-ball tricks, partner juggling, adding more balls, club juggling and passing, diabolo, poi, staff, hoops, rolling globe, unicycle, and more. Individual instruction and small group instruction allows students to progress in different directions, and informal mini-workshops introduce new skills each term.

Juggling has been offered at Reed since 1979, which has fostered a vibrant and dedicated juggling community in Portland. The local jugglers host the Portland Juggling Festival at Reed College, a weekend filled with workshops, special guests and shows. The festival, which is free to the Reed community, attracts 500 jugglers and has been featured in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

Kayaking: Beginning

Instructors: Sam Drevo, Nathan Watt

This fun and exciting (1 credit) quarter of whitewater kayak instruction will expose you to the basics of kayaking in the Reed pool (twice / week) with two trips on the Clackamas River during the fall quarter. The class will cover everything from self rescue to basic paddle stokes & dexterity to rolling (for those interested). We will play games and create a positive atmosphere for learning while mixing up your regular exercise routine. Lead by ACA instructors and instructor trainers this course is appropriate for beginners and intermediate paddlers alike and is a great addition to the ROPE program. Many students who graduate this class can get access to the Reed college boats and gear, and also organize river outings with ROC.

Kayaking: Intermediate

Instructors: Sam Drevo, Nathan Watt

This continuation of the beginner class is taught in the fall. Students who have a reliable Eskimo roll and understanding of kayaking basics may take the class. Pool time allows student to hone their basic skills to where they become "actions without thinking." Video taping of individuals is used for critiquing fundamentals and for fine-tuning of techniques. Lectures focus on safe river running including first aid, rescue techniques, and advanced river reading skills. Students are taught how to develop "otter mind," an attitude of playing with the river, being fully comfortable in the river environment and having a deep understanding of potential dangers and risks. While kayaking is an individual sport, the team concept is emphasized. The "piece de resistance" of the class are three days on the river where class two and three rapids are negotiated. Often the rivers that are run are designated "wild and scenic," abounding with wildlife and scenic beauty. The goal for students who complete the intermediate class is to have the skills and knowledge to begin running rivers on their own.

Lifeguard Training

Instructor: Eldon Lampson

Lifeguard Training certifies students through the American Red Cross to perform basic duties as a lifeguard. This course covers CPR, first aid, victim recognition, emergency response and more. The course provides students an education in water safety and emergency response. After completion of this course, students will have a new found confidence in their understanding and abilities to respond to emergencies.

Lower Body Abs

Instructor: Melissa Monsef

Lower Body and Abs class is an action packed combination of cardiovascular and strength training that primarily target the leg and abdominal muscles. Upper body sculpting exercises are also included. Students will learn proper form and muscle building techniques while getting a great workout using steps and dumbbells.

Meditation for Everyday Life

Instructor: Lisa Stanley

Meditation practices support us in feeling more present and relaxed by harmonizing body and mind. In turn, this helps us recognize and work with patterns of stress and overwhelm, as well as physical and emotional challenges. Using an approach of gentleness and strength we’ll explore various techniques that relate with the breath, thoughts, and sense perceptions.  We’ll engage with sitting, walking, standing and supine postures.  This class includes some outdoor practice sessions, allowing us to tap into the beauty and calm of nature areas around campus. We’ll discuss and reflect on how these mindfulness practices blend into one’s daily life.

Men’s Basketball

Instructors: Lamar Tillman, Ried Woodlee

The Reed College basketball team begins in September with Conditioning, Skill Development, and Scrimmages. We work on basketball all 4 quarters. September is a time to figure out if playing for the team is a commitment current students are willing to make. Team practice is three times a week with games usually on Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons. Official team practice begins October 1st, and official games begin mid-November.

We compete against Northwestern area small colleges, both home and away. The season concludes with a 4 team tournament, The Rose City Classic at Multnomah University, the last week of February. During Winter Break, practices and games will not be held; however, we do play pickup games on Wednesdays for players who stay in town. We are a dedicated group of student athletes that are committed to the challenge of playing college basketball while upholding high academic excellence. Participating students will be asked to register for the Team Basketball course each quarter. By doing so, students will be able to earn the required P.E. credits necessary to graduate.

All students are welcome.

Practice Times: Monday 5-7pm (all quarters) Wednesdays 5-7pm (all quarters) Thursdays 5-7pm (1st, 2nd, 3rd quarter)

Game Times: Friday Evenings (2nd & 3rd quarter) Saturday Afternoons (2nd & 3rd quarter)

Off Campus PE

Instructor: Michael Lombardo

Criteria Off Campus PE is an option for people seeking a PE credit through various sanctioned recreational activities. For Off Campus PE individuals typically train or take classes at an off campus studio or gym for a specific activity. The attendance policy is the same as regularly offered Reed PE courses and proof of attendance is required for successful completion. All Off Campus PE credit must be authorized by the Director of Athletics, Fitness and Outdoor Programs prior to the course starting to ensure it meets the requirements for PE credit. Students must officially register for Off Campus PE prior to each quarter that they are engaged in their off campus efforts in order to be eligible to receive PE credit.

Please be aware that you are only eligible to receive PE credit for Off Campus PE if you meet the following criteria:

  • You have already completed at least 4 of your PE credits through prior classes at the Sports Center or transfer PE credits already accepted by the registrar.
  • You have a compelling reason or extenuating circumstance justifying your request to take a physical education class that the Reed PE program cannot provide to you, which would be determined after a conversation/proposal between the student & Director of Athletics, Fitness and Outdoor Programs.

The activity must:

  •  take place in a professional facility (fitness center, yoga studio, etc.) - be supervised by a fitness professional - meet no less than 2 hours weekly over a period of 7 consecutive weeks - occur during the academic quarter that you are registered for OCPE

Verification of your attendance and participation of the activity on official letterhead must be submitted to the Director of Athletics, Fitness and Outdoor Programs at the end of the quarter.

Please take note: Students can only take two (2) combined of the non-directed classes (OCPE, Swim Fitness, Meditation, Running Club, Independent Climb) but otherwise you can take as many of the directed classes as you'd like!

PE Rugby

Instructor: Robin Woods

This class will introduce students to the fundamentals of several forms of rugby including Touch Rugby, Rugby 7s, and 15s. Students will learn to catch and pass a rugby ball, effectively communicate on and off the field, strategize, and (optional) tackle. They will be given the opportunity to compete in at least one form of rugby each quarter. Students are encouraged to become a part of the Reed Rugby Community as well as the Rugby Community as a whole as it is a source of support and friendship that can last a lifetime.


Instructor: Mary Bradley

Pilates is a system of exercise founded by Joseph Pilates. Pilates is designed to enhance your physical strength, flexibility, posture, and mental awareness. The class will focus on strengthening your core muscles. Core muscles include your back, abdomen and hips. Concentration, Control, Centering, Precision, Breathing and Flow are the six principles of Pilates. Classes are multilevel and modifiable to student needs. Each student is able to progress according to their own ability. Some sessions incorporate techniques from The MELT Method. MELT is the first neurofascial pain relief, self-treatment technique.

WHAT TO WEAR: Wear fitness, workout or yoga clothes. Bring a water bottle. We wear socks or go barefoot in class.

CONTACT: 503-267-2415 or

Raft, Sea Kayak & Canoe

Instructors: Sam Drevo, Val Shaull

This course is a amalgamation of rafting, canoeing and sea kayaking to meet the needs of very paddler. Students will learn the techniques of rafting in one of Oregon's majestic rivers during a full day excursion.  Only fifteen minutes from Reed, the Willamette River is a fine place to retreat once a week for a couple hours and practice canoe and sea kayak strokes. The essentials of tandem flat-water canoeing are taught, and we have plenty of time to practice our draws, prys, and j-strokes. Great blue herons are often seen, bald eagle occasionally spotted, and wildlife skiing behind jet boats tolerated. This course has no fee and all equipment and instruction will be provided for the beginner to advanced student.

Rock Climbing: Beginning–Advanced

Instructor: Rodney Sofich

This class emphasizes rock climbing technique such as body position and foot work as well as belaying, rappelling, and rope management are all covered in this entry-level rock climbing course with a heavy emphasis on having fun climbing.  The class is based around meeting once a week for a gym training sessions and 2 weekend one-day trips.

Recommended for beginners to advanced.  All technical equipment like harness, shoes, helmet are provided.

Rock Climbing: Independent

Instructor: Will Symms

Independent Climbing at Reed College requires students to climb independently on students’ own time. Independent Climbing is considered a non-instructional course.

Below are course requirements: 

1. Students can only have (2) credits of non-instructional coursework out of their (6) total PE requirements for graduation. Example: Student takes(2) credits of Independent PE. The other (4) credits of coursework need to have instruction and guidance.

2. A fee is billed to the students account for a (7) week unlimited climbing pass to Circuit Bouldering Gym/Portland Rock Gym (PRG) or Planet Granite. Climbing at Reed's wall for credit is also possible and no fee is charged for this usage. *Fee course structure ranges from $85-$120 depending on the gym for a membership.

3. Students must climb a minimum of (2) days of 45min or (1) day of 1.5 hours. Additional climbing is encouraged. The more you climb the better you become.

4. An online Google document will be shared with the students so they can keep their attendance log. It is the responsibility of the student to keep the attendance sheet up to date. If students fail to log their attendance when grades are due they will have a failing grade. Keep your attendance up to date.

Any questions please see Will Symms for further information. He can be reached via phone 503-777-7232 / email or by seeing him in the Outdoor Center located in the Reed College Sports Center.

Rock Climbing: Intermediate/Advanced

Instructor: Rodney Sofich

Self sufficiency is important in all adventure sports and is particularly important in climbing. This course is designed to enable climbers to deal with unexpected trouble with top-rope scenarios and single pitch.  The class will belay escapes, ascending/descending ropes and passing knots.  The class will also examine the SRENE method for setting up anchors.  The class is based around meeting once a week and 2 weekend one-day trips.

Recommended for intermediate to advanced climbers.  All technical equipment like a harness, helmet, shoes are provided.

Rock Climbing: Route Setting Introduction

Instructor: Drew White

This is an intro to route setting on a teaching wall. Class provides instruction for new routesetters, giving individuals an opportunity to learn and practice fundamental routesetting skills valuable for commercial routesetting. Each routesetter is asked to set both routes and boulder problems and is given the opportunity to work with others in the forerunning process, gaining valuable feedback from peers and instructor. Routesetters gain insight into methods and techniques dealing with efficiency, hold manipulation, creative movement, aesthetics, and forerunning process.Please be in athletic attire. Bring your climbing shoes, chalk bag, and harness if you have one. 


Instructor: Leslie Walker

In this course, students learn the fundamentals of sweep rowing in eight- and four-oared shells, including basic technique, timing, and rowing terminology. The course is offered in partnership with Station L Rowing Club, and takes place on the Willamette River through downtown Portland. No prior rowing experience required.

Ski Snowboard and Telemark Ski Class

Instructor: Michael Lombardo

Welcome to the 2017-18 winter season!  Join hundreds of other college students who earn  Physical Education credit skiing and snowboarding at Mt. Hood Meadows. This 5 week accredited course possesses challenging and fun lessons for everyone from beginners to experts.  In addition to the five 2 hour lessons, you will have plenty of free time to ski or snowboard to meet the 20 hour college lab requirement.  Mt. Hood Meadows Ski and Snowboard School is known for it’s success in developing professional and innovative programs built on the latest techniques. There are over 115 PSIA Certified Ski Instructors and 45 AASI Certified Snowboard Instructors that teach by the American Teaching System. The American Teaching System is recognized as a world leader in the concept of skill development and teaching psychology.

PSIA  Professional Ski Instructors of America
AASI  American Association of Snowboard Instructors

Mandatory Class on Tuesday 1/23/18, 5pm in Psy 105

Class starts Saturday 1/27/18 and runs 5 consecutive Saturdays

Cost structure based off user needs:

$518 Lift, Lesson, Rental 

$439Lift, Lesson

$308 Lesson, Rental

$229 Lesson Only


Instructors: Larry Beutler, Ethan Smith-Gillespie

The Monday coed soccer class is open to students and faculty who just want to kick the ball around and have fun. All skill levels are accepted! Class meets 4 - 6 pm on the soccer pitch. Bring cleats and your own water bottle.

Squash Beginning and Intermediate

Instructor: Julie Noonan

Squash is a wonderful sport that involves strategy and skill. Great cardiovascular workouts ensue chasing the ball around the wonderfully designed courts at Reed College. These classes will teach you the basics of the sport and build your skills to take your squash abilities to the next level.

Step Aerobics

Instructor: Talia Stoessel

This class consists of rhythmic movements designed to improve cardiovascular endurance. A variety of formats and equipment will be used. The use of perceived exertion and heart rate monitoring will be implemented to monitor our progress.

Swim Fitness

Instructor: Will Symms

Swim Fitness is an independent study PE course offered for people who feel comfortable swimming on their own with no formal instruction. This course is completed at the students leisure with the base requirements for attaining credit completing two swim sessions per week for the 67 week course period.

Class requirements available soon.

Swim fitness log

Swim Instruction

Instructor: Madeleine (Maddi) Hanlon-Austin

This is a fun class designed to encourage students to explore and enjoy the water. Students must be able to go under water comfortably. Students will learn freestyle and backstroke. While developing confidence, we will work towards continued improvement on freestyle and backstroke as well as learn the breast stroke, elementary backstroke and butterfly. Treading water is also introduced in this level. 

This meet Monday and Wednesday 5:10pm on the Pool Deck.

Table Tennis

Instructor: Angela Ballard

Course description coming soon.

Traditional Tai Chi

Instructor: Eliot Sitt

This class offers a comprehensive introduction to the practice of Tai Chi. Yang Style Tai Chi is widely recognized as a system of exercise suitable for a wide range of ages and physical conditions. The postures are open and comfortable and the form provides a challenging learning experience without placing excessive demands on the stamina of the player. The slowness of the exercise promotes balance training and leg strength, while the calm and peaceful motions provide a variety of benefits ranging from stress reduction to lower blood pressure.

The focus of the class is on the therapeutic approach to Tai Chi practice. The goal of the class is to bring the daily practice of Tai Chi into the student's life. As with any program of therapeutic exercise, the benefits accrue to those who practice regularly. Class work includes a 15-minute warm up sequence of traditional Chinese exercises to open the joints, align the body frame and relax the mind. The slow motion sequence is then introduced in a patient and cumulative manner. Practice, repetition, review and form corrections are a part of every class.

Weight Training

Instructor: Ward Holverson

The weight training courses at Reed are designed to make students familiar with the entire weight room so that each student can use all types of weights safely and efficiently in order to achieve individual goals. Throughout the quarter, we will also discuss important topics such as nutrition, varying our workouts, and trends in weight training.

Women’s Indoor Soccer

Instructor: Erin Bray

This class will be a great place for players to build fundamental soccer skills and fitness.  The first hour, we will focus on soccer-specific fitness activities and foot skills on an indoor court.  The second hour will be futsal-style scrimmage. We welcome seasoned players and those new to the sport.  

Thursday 7:10pm-9pm

Yoga: A.M.

Instructor: Jack Coelho

This classes consist of an opening meditation, breathing techniques, sun salutations, strengthening postures, balancing, and meditation. Alignment is emphasized with respect to the body's limitations and range of motion as she encourages students to rest and modify the poses as they need to. Inspirational quotes and music are often used to enhance the class experience. Arrive with an open mind, patience, and the willingness to be challenged mentally and physically. The results will leave you feeling peaceful and centered.

Yoga: for Relaxation

Instructor: Devi Morris

“Every now and then go away, have a little relaxation, for when you come back to your work your judgment will be surer.” (Leonardo DaVinci)

Yoga for relaxation is a gentle yoga class that focuses on stilling the chatter of the mind through simple movements and breath. Some classes will focus on restorative poses, supporting the body by the floor, bolsters, blocks and blankets to gently stretch and relax the body. Other classes may focus on using movement with the breath in standing, seated and reclining yogasanas. Simple pranayama techniques will be introduced along with breath relaxation techniques with the beginner student in mind. Please wear comfortable,stretchable, close-fitting clothing to class.

Yoga: Hatha

Instructor: Devi Morris

“Yoga is really nothing but ceasing to think that you are different from the Self or reality.” ( Sri Ramana Maharshi)

In Hatha Yoga, the physical body is prepared for this realization of continuity with consciousness through attention to breath and movement, directing the winds to different parts of the body. This allows one to function with more vitality and with less distraction from the physical body while also quieting the mind.  Students will learn a variety of poses with modifications for beginners and variations for more experienced students.  In addition, yoga philosophy, basic pranayama and ujjayi breathing will be introduced. This class is appropriate for all levels of practice.  Please wear comfortable,stretchable, close-fitting clothing to class.

Zen Mind Meditation

Instructor: Jogen Salzberg

Everyone can access the Zen Mind - spacious, loving, alert awareness of the present moment. With the practices of sitting and walking meditation, we learn to flow with life, experience ourselves intimately, and let go of the causes of unhappiness. We will explore various approaches to meditation including breath mindfulness, deep listening with sounds and music and inquiry into the essential nature of the self. Comfortable clothes such as sweatpants are recommended.


Instructor: Ernest Yago

Zumba, Latin Dance-Fitness fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a dynamic fitness program that will blow you away. Zumba Fanatics achieve long term health benefits while experiencing an absolute blast in one exhilarating hour of caloric-burning, body-energizing, awe-inspiring movements meant to engage and captivate for life!

Forget the workout, just lose yourself in the music and find yourself in shape at the original dance-fitness party. Zumba® classes feature exotic rhythms set to high-energy Latin and international beats. Before you know it, you'll be getting fit and your energy levels will be soaring! It's easy to do, effective and totally exhilarating.

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