Athletics, Fitness, & Outdoor Programs

Division of Student Life

Club Sports

Club sports at Reed allow students to meet others with similar interest to recreate, build social connections and explore the northwest area playing teams on the west coast. Reed offers a variety of club sports, including rugby, soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, squash, rowing, and curling. All offer the camaraderie of teammates, the opportunity to learn from coaches, and vibrant, competitive spirit.

Men’s Soccer Club

Coach: Larry Beutler

Join the club of Reed footballers to work your craft on the pitch. Team environment will allow players to develop skills by practicing and competing against teams in the Pacific Northwest.

Wednesday and Friday 4:10pm-6pm IN-PERSON

Running Club

Coach: Alison Crocker

Running is a fundamental human activity like no other. Running Outdoors is an independent PE course, meaning there is no fixed schedule or location for your runs. Run on your own or with friends. The only requirement is that you run twice a week—you decide the pace, the distance, and the terrain. Explore some of the amazing trails and routes around Reed. Open to runners of all abilities. 

Tuesday 3:10pm-6pm IN-PERSON

Please take note: Students are only allowed to receive a maximum COMBINED of two (2) of the nondirected/guided PE classes. These include Off-Campus PE, Meditation, Swim Fitness, Independent Climb, Community Engagement, and Running Club/Running Outdoors. Once a student earns 2 credits in any of these classes any additional classes in this category will not be counted towards their six (6) total required for graduation. 

After earning two (2) nondirected/guided PE credits students are welcome to continue to take any of these classes as they prefer but will not earn additional credit.-- but otherwise you can take as many of the directed classes as you'd like!

Ultimate Frisbee Club

Coach: Aaron Hursey

Reed Ultimate is an ultimate frisbee team devoted to having fun and getting better at throwing and catching plastic discs. We practice twice a week and go to two women’s tournaments and one co-ed tournament per semester. As ultimate becomes an increasingly popular and competitive game, our team keeps growing and learning while enjoying “the best sport played with a flat projectile.” We love new players and will teach folks how to throw, catch, and understand the game of ultimate. Playing on the team also counts for PE credit. Come join us on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons!

Tuesday and Thursday 4:10pm-6pm IN-PERSON