Sports Center


Instructor: Stewart Celarier

Learn to juggle, starting with three balls, then progress at your own pace to learn new tricks and explore other props. A wide variety of related object manipulation and circus skills are available to be explored, including club passing, unicycling, contact juggling, poi, diabolo, rolling globe and much more. The instructor works with students individually and in small groups, and many local jugglers are on hand to help as well. In addition to surprising yourself and impressing your friends, juggling is frequently used by sports trainers to help develop eye-hand coordination, peripheral vision, and a range of other skills.

Juggling has been offered at Reed since 1979, which has fostered a vibrant and dedicated juggling community in Portland. The local jugglers host the Portland Juggling Festival at Reed College, a weekend filled with workshops, special guests and shows. The festival, which is free to the Reed community, attracts 500 jugglers and has been featured in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.