Sports Center

Rock Climbing: Independent

Instructor: Will Symms

This course is not currently being offered.

Independent Climbing at Reed College requires students to climb independently on students’ own time. Independent Climbing is considered a non-instructional course.

Below are course requirements: 

1. Students can only have (2) credits of non-instructional coursework out of their (6) total PE requirements for graduation. Example: Student takes(2) credits of Independent PE. The other (4) credits of coursework need to have instruction and guidance.

2. A fee is billed to the students account for a (7) week unlimited climbing pass to Circuit Bouldering Gym/Portland Rock Gym (PRG) or Planet Granite. *Fee course structure ranges from $85-$140 depending on the gym for a membership.

3. Students must climb a minimum of (2) days of 45min or (1) day of 1.5 hours. Additional climbing is encouraged. The more you climb the better you become.

4. An online Google document will be shared with the students so they can keep their attendance log. It is the responsibility of the student to keep the attendance sheet up to date. If students fail to log their attendance when grades are due they will have a failing grade. Keep your attendance up to date.

5. No transportation available to gyms.

Any questions please see Will Symms for further information. He can be reached via phone 503-777-7232 / email or by seeing him in the Outdoor Center located in the Reed College Sports Center.

Mandatory First Zoom class meeting- Remote 9/2/2020 5pm