Prof. Burford Wins Awards For Book on Mahalia Jackson

Prof. Mark Burford won a triplet of prestigious awards for his recent book about the iconic gospel singer.

Oregon Public Broadcasting takes a look at how Oregon colleges are handling fall break.

Prof. Kimberly Clausing helps the New York Times forecast the shape and direction of Biden administration policies.

Audrey Bilger collaborated with presidents from other Oregon private colleges on an oped for the Oregonian about our collective response to COVID-19 and the resilience of our campus communities.  

Prof. Jan Mieszkowski takes a deep dive into The Elements of Style with his essay for Public Books, 'E. B. White's "Plain Style" @75.'

Prof. Mark Burford was awarded the top prize by the ARSC in historical research for his book Mahalia Jackson and the Black Gospel Field. Listen to Prof. Burford discuss his book on American Routes.

Prof. Paul Gronke added context to the New York Times Magazine's comprehensive look at President Trump's false claims about voter fraud.

Kitty Richards ’05 co-authored an opinion piece for the New York Times on the positive ripple effect of taxes and government spending.

The Reed community continues to work together on our own anti-racist efforts, and we amplify organizations in solidarity against racial injustice, whether you're looking for resources or for ways to support others.

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