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Plan A Trip

If you want to plan an outdoors trip, ROC wants to help you make that happen. But just as with anything else at Reed: you're going to need to do some reading first.

The first things you should read are the Field Operations Handbook(PDF) and our Risk Management/Crisis Plan(PDF). These are the guiding documents for all outdoors programming at Reed.

If you want to go somewhere but you’re not sure where that might be, get inspired by your fellow Reedies. Email us to talk about previous trips, to ask if we have a guidebook you could borrow, or to set up a time to bounce ideas off of us.

The main steps in trip planning are outlined below. Take special note of step one: we're here to help you make this trip a success.

  1. Contact the ROC Coordinators to let us know what you want to do. We'll get you a trip planning form so that you can start thinking through how many people can come on the trip, what kind of supplies you'll need, what the cost will be, etc.
  2. Once you have dates nailed down, reserve a van with Physical Plant. Talk with the staff there and let them know your dates and to get a van reservation form. Vans are a hot commodity, so do this as soon as you can in the planning process.
  3. If you're not certified as a van driver, you'll need to either get certified or send out an email requesting a driver. Cyrus Monsef, sports center operations manager and vehicle coordinator, can get you more information about getting certified—it's easy!
  4. You'll also need to recruit a Wilderness First Responder and someone certified to administer epinephrine to go on your trip with you. Contact us for help identifying people.
  5. Now it's time to advertise! Post on the ROC list, submit to At Reed, put up signs around campus (Student Activities has supplies for making posters), and talk about your trip all the time. Be sure to include your contact information so that people can RSVP.
  6. If you get more RSVPs than you have spots (we'll help you determine how many people you can take), then you'll need to hold a lottery. Don't forget that you, your van driver, your Wilderness First Responder, and your epinephrine administrator all need spots in the van. Pick a few alternates in the lottery in case anyone drops out.
  7. Coordinate with the Backpack Coop to borrow any gear you need.
  8. Have a pre-trip meeting the week before you head out. We can get you an agenda. Find out about any allergies, review maps, distribute gear, and get excited. This is also a good time to ask participants to fill out liability waivers.
  9. Figure out meal planning shopping. ROC staff can advise on this.
  10. Pick up a first aid kit from Will.
  11. Turn in waivers or acknowledgment of risk forms to Will prior to departure.
  12. Remind everyone of the where and when you're meeting for your departure. Trips usually leave from the van parking area or the Backpack Coop.
  13. Have a great trip! Return your gear and fill out your trip report when you get back. We can't wait to hear all about it.