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Family medical leave (FMLA and OFLA)

FMLA (Federal Medical Leave Act) and OFLA (Oregon Family Leave Act) are two laws designed to provide you with job protection and time off work to care for yourself or a family member during a serious medical condition or other situation as outlined below. 

FMLA and OFLA have very similar provisions, and most often these leaves run concurrently.  OFLA is somewhat more generous than FMLA, so eligibility requirement and leave allowances listed below are per OFLA.


You must have worked as a Reed employee for at least 180 days and at least 25 hours per week to qualify for OFLA.  Generally, you may take up to 12 weeks of FMLA/OFLA leave during a 12 month rolling calendar year, starting from the first day of your leave, however in certain instances such as pregnancy, OFLA allows for more time off.

Reasons for taking FMLA/OFLA leave

Pregnancy leave
Parental leave
Family member’s serious health condition leave
Employee’s serious health condition leave
Sick child leave
Call to active duty leave
Servicemember family leave
Bereavement leave
Leave for victims of sexual violence, sexual assault or stalking
Crime victims' leave
On the job injury or illness

For foreseeable leaves, provide at least 30 days advance notice.  For unforeseeable leaves, provide notice as soon as practicable.

If circumstances change during your leave, notify your supervisor and human resources within three business days, or as soon as possible.

Pay and benefits during FMLA/OFLA leave

You are required to use sick pay and then vacation while on all leaves except military leave, when you can use vacation time only.  If you exhaust sick pay and vacation, your leave will be unpaid.

While your leave is paid, you will receive holiday and administrative leave pay and you will continue to accrue sick time and vacation.  If your leave is unpaid, you will not qualify for holidays or administrative leave days and you will not accrue sick time and vacation.

While on an approved FMLA/OFLA leave, you will continue to receive benefits, provided you continue to pay your portion of the cost.  When you exhaust your sick and vacation pay, you must make arrangements with human resources to pay your portion of benefit costs for the duration of your leave.

What is job protection?

Job protection means that when you return to work from FMLA/OFLA, you will be reinstated to your former position.  Generally, FMLA/OFLA provides 12 weeks' job protection.  If you exhaust your FMLA/OFLA and you are still unable to return to work, you may or may not be reinstated to your former position or any other position. 

If your position was eliminated while you were on leave, you may or may not be reassigned to an equivalent position, if one is available.

Applying for FMLA/OFLA leave

  1. Together with your supervisor, complete a leave of absence request form.  You do not need to share your diagnosis or any other medical information, however you must always provide the dates that you will be away from work, along with any work restrictions authorized by your medical care provider.

  2. Bring or send your leave request form to Cypress Williams in human resources.  If everything is in order, Cypress will approve your leave or provisionally approve your leave, if you do not yet have certification.

  3. You are required to provide medical or other certification within 15 calendar days after such information is requested.

  4. Once all required information has been received by human resources, you will receive, within five business days, a letter approving or denying your leave.  In some cases (except for leave to care for a sick child), the college may require a second or third opinion, at the college’s expense. Employees also may be required to submit subsequent verification.

In accordance with the law, employees will not be asked for, nor should they provide, genetic information about themselves or a family member in connection with a FMLA/OFLA medical leave.

Additional information

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