Human Resources

Goal/Development Reviews (G/DR)

The purpose of goal/development reviews is to enable supervisors and employees to share the same understanding of the employee's goals and professional development.

Reed's approach is

  • to put dialogue, rather than paperwork, at the center of the process
  • to ensure every employee has a set of goals, not just a job description
  • to place greater emphasis on looking forward than looking back
  • to require supervisor and employee to share equal responsibility for the process

Who should complete a goal/development review?
These should be completed for all regular and on-call staff. There is no minimum tenure required. Even new employees should have this discussion in order to set their goals for the upcoming year.

When are goal/development reviews done?
Goal/development reviews take place either once or twice per year. Each department selects a month in which they will conduct these discussions. Every member of the department has this discussion in the same month.

Which form should we use?
Each department should use the same form for all employees. Here is the Reed goal/development review form