Human Resources

Performance reviews

The purpose of Performance Planning and Review (PP&R) is to enable supervisors and staff employees to share the same understanding of the employee's goals at work.

HR wishes to provide a consistent framework for staff performance reviews. However, there is room for departments to customize the process to best suit their staff.  Whichever method chosen, the same approach should be used for all members of a department. 

Reed's approach is to:

  • put dialogue, rather than paperwork, at the center of the process
  • require supervisor and employee to share equal responsibility for the process
  • foster holistic, long-term thinking about an employee's work, rather than task-specific, near-term thinking
  • place greater emphasis on looking forward than looking back

Who should complete a performance review?
Performance reviews should be completed for all regular and on-call staff. As a general rule, if you are employed with Reed for a year or more, you should receive a performance review. In some cases, supervisors may wish to complete a performance review with a temporary employee.

How often and when are performance reviews done?
Performance reviews take place either once or twice per year. Each department selects a month in which they will conduct performance reviews.

Which form should we use?
Each department should use the same form for all its employees. Here is the Reed performance planning and review form which was updated in August 2016. If your department wishes to use a different form for performance reviews, that is fine. Please work with HR to develop one that meets your needs yet is in keeping with Reed's approach.