Human Resources

Job Descriptions

All active staff positions within Reed College will have a corresponding job description. A job description summarizes the essential functions, responsibilities, activities, qualifications and skills for a role. A job description may not be inclusive of all assigned responsibilities and may be amended at any time at the sole discretion of Reed College with the approval of management and Human Resources. 

When the need arises for a new job description to be created, the hiring manager, with approval from their VP/Dean, will request services from their HR representative to begin the process. 

The hiring manager is responsible for providing minimum qualifications, essential job functions, and job summary drafts to their human resources representative. The position’s “Top 10 attributes” will not be noted in the job description but used to create the job posting during searches and recruitments.  

The human resources representative is responsible for validating the minimum qualifications, essential functions, and physical demands of the position. In addition, HR will perform a complete job analysis using internal and external market data points. 

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Job Titles

The job title describes a job for what is being defined and may not be inclusive of all duties and responsibilities for one or multiple roles that are similar within a department or office. The job title will be used in the HRIS system for employee work classification. In this way, many staff members may have the same job title.

Directory job titles may be used to describe the position in greater detail and make the position more easily recognizable and distinct within the Reed community. The directory title is a provisional title that may be proposed by the employee and approved by the department’s Sr Director and/or Executive for use when appropriate to align with the history and norms of the department and should not typically elevate the position by one or more levels. The directory title will not be used in the HRIS system for employee work classification.

All requests should come from the department director to AskHR. Not all requests will be approved. It is advised to work with HR in advance of submitting a request.