Human Resources

Job Descriptions

Each staff member should have a job description that describes their duties and responsibilities. Job descriptions may also include required skills and working conditions.

Job descriptions are meant to be broad and yet descriptive enough to be useful and accurate for several years. Supervisors and employees are jointly responsible for reviewing job descriptions periodically.

Keep in mind that job descriptions do not necessarily cover every task or responsibility assigned, and they do not limit a supervisor's right to assign additional duties. It is unneccessary to include "Other duties as assigned" on a job description, as that is true for every job at Reed.

Annual Goals

Perhaps more important than a job description, each staff member should have a list of goals that they and their supervisor agree will be accomplished during that year. Annual goals are different each year and do not need to be incorporated into one’s job description. Learn more about annual goals on the goal/development review page.

Job Titles

Job titles describe the level of a position and its main responsibilities and as such, job titles are rarely changed. In this way, many staff members may have the same job title.

However, working job titles may be used to describe the position in greater detail and make the position more easily recognizable and distinct within the Reed community.  

Job titles and working job titles should be simple, should accurately reflect the responsibilities and authority of the position, should be consistent across the college and should not be overinflated. Consult HR when considering changing a working job title.