Human Resources

Tips for writing goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound


1.  Get to know campus partners.   should be edited to:

Work with my supervisor to determine campus partners that most closely partner with our department [specific]. At least once a week during my first two months [quantifiable and time bound], introduce myself to someone new either in person or via email to create connections across campus and build relationships that will help support our department [achievable and relevant].

2.  Update department web page.   should be edited to:

By Sept 1, 2022 [measurable], conduct an assessment of the department web page and develop a list of future improvements [specific and measurable]. The purpose of this is to create a resource for employees that is simple and easy to navigate [relevant). By Dec 1, 2022 [time bound], complete updates to the web page [achievable].

3.  Facilitate training.   should be edited to: 

Facilitate three [quantifiable] training sessions and complete certification [specific]. I will accomplish this goal by attending the Train the Trainer session in March, drafting and sharing communication regarding the training, and facilitating in-person training between April-June [time bound and achievable].