Human Resources

Tips for employees

  1. Draft your own goals for the year. Review your draft with your supervisor to get their input.
  2. Set goals that are reasonable and relevant. These should be focused on new work or improvements to your group’s work.
  3. Review your goals several times during the year. Discuss mid-year adjustments to your goals with your supervisor.
  4. Take an active role in your review. It should not be something that “happens to you”.
  5. Everyone has strengths and areas for improvement. Include at least one meaningful area for improvement in your self-evaluation.
  6. Provide your supervisor with at least one meaningful suggestion about what more they could do to support you.
  7. Don’t confuse your weekly one-on-one meetings with your supervisor with performance reviews. Performance review is about the big picture.
  8. Turn in your self-evaluation to your manager at least a week before your review discussion.
  9. Ask to see your written review the day before your discussion.
  10. During your discussion, you or your supervisor may decide to change something in the written review that the two of you have drafted. Don’t consider your written review complete until after the discussion.
  11. During your performance review, spend an equal or greater amount of time discussing future goals as past performance.