Human Resources

Sick child leave

Under OFLA, sick child leave provides parents with up to 12 weeks of time off to care for a child who suffers from an illness or injury that does not qualify as a serious health condition but requires home care for three or more days, either continuous or intermittent.  

Sick child leave can be taken all at one time or intermittently, but must be used within 12 months of the first day of leave.  

This type of leave does not provide for routine medical and dental appointments or issues surrounding the availability of childcare when the child is not ill or injured.  Sick child leave is not authorized if another family member is willing and able to care for the child.

Who qualifies as my child?

For purposes of sick child leave, Reed College defines a child as

  • your biological, adopted, foster child or stepchild, or
  • the biological, adopted, foster child or stepchild of your domestic partner (of any gender), or
  • any child with whom you are in a relationship of in loco parentis.

Applying for sick child leave

Notify your supervisor and human resources as soon as practicable. To apply for sick child leave, submit a leave of absence request form.

After the third separate occurrence of sick child leave within 12 months of the first sick child leave, you may be asked to bring in a medical note from a health care provider for all following occurrences within that year.