Human Resources

Staff Work Accommodations

The college will provide reasonable accommodations to staff members with disabilities to enable them to perform their job.

Accommodations will be determined on an individualized basis through a collaborative process that includes a discussion with the staff member, their supervisor, and human resources.


Though each request is unique, the process will include the following steps:

  1. To initiate a request for accommodation, contact the human resources office. Human resources will ask you for documentation from a qualified medical (including mental health) professional. The documentation must identify the essential functions that cannot be performed, expected duration of the disability, and recommended accommodations.
  2. Human resources will set up a meeting with you and your supervisor. Human resources will share with your supervisor the specifications of the request for accommodations. We will discuss how the college might provide the accommodation. Any of us may suggest accommodations that would also assist you in performing the essential functions of your role. We do not generally discuss your diagnosis, only your limitations.
  3. In most cases, an agreement on a specific accommodation will be made during this collaborative meeting. If an agreement is not made, further meetings may be held between you and HR and between HR and your supervisor in order to come to an agreement on a reasonable accommodation.
  4. Human resources will document the accommodation agreement and provide a copy of this to you and to your supervisor.