Human Resources

Staff Position Evaluations

All staff positions will evolve over time. Duties may be added, changed or subtracted.. When there is a significant change in the responsibilities within a position, a manager may request a review of that position. Unless the majority of a role's essential functions and duties change, the position evaluation will not warrant a pay reexamination. Determinations of a position’s salary grade also consider other factors, including internal equity, position comparisons and external market data. Thus, changing salary grades for a position is rare. Additionally, adding or subtracting direct reports does not typically necessitate reclassification.

Position evaluations are not a process for rewarding employee performance or acknowledging length of service.

A position evaluation is for the addition of higher-level responsibilities, not an increase of volume (i.e., more of the same work already being performed or a project).

Position evaluations that do result in a salary grade change, the current employee’s pay will be subject to internal equity review process, which may or may not warrant a pay increase.

HR will accept staff position evaluations in May. If approved, the change will be future dated to the first full pay period of August of each calendar year.

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