Human Resources

New Hire Onboarding Partner

Both hiring managers and the HR team play an important role in the new hire onboarding process. However, it takes a broader team effort to create a positive and inclusive onboarding experience that cultivates social connections for new employees. 

Onboarding partners can help improve our culture by creating a welcoming environment in which new employees feel comfortable asking questions. New employees are also able to learn about Reed’s culture first-hand, from someone who is familiar with it.

For many new employees, the learning curve can be steep, but settling into an unfamiliar environment can be even more challenging. This is why including an onboarding partner program as part of the onboarding process can be helpful for new hires to improve the overall employee experience.

It should be noted that the role of an onboarding partner is different from the role of a mentor. An onboarding partner helps the new employee build social connections across campus and helps them build confidence and feel comfortable in their new work environment. The core purpose of the onboarding partnership is to promote inclusivity and connection. 

 Download the onboarding partner checklist here