Human Resources

Staff & Faculty Committees 2018-19


This committee’s charge is to review institutional priorities, educate the community, and address current and future concerns related to accessibility issues across the campus.

Robin Ford  Library
Jessika Chi  Office for Institutional Diversity
Cypress Williams  Human Resources
Gary Granger  Community Safety
Amy Luke  Admission
Jason Parker  Web Support Services
Pip Payne  HCC
April Sams  Environmental Health and Safety
Sarah Sharp  Registrar's Office
Clea Taylor  Residence Life
Steve Yeadon  Building Maintenance
Jess Gibson  Disability Support Services
Theresa Lowrie  Disability Support Services
Julie Maxfield  Dean of Students Office
Sameer ud Dowla Khan  Faculty


The Art-Off-The-Clock Committee is charged with planning the annual show of artistic works presented by staff and faculty.

Caroline Reul  Library
Martha Schlitt  Registrar's Office
Marianne Colgrove  CIS
Mandy Heaton  Public Affairs
Lin Reedijk  Dean of the Faculty
Fiona Simms  Development

Awards / Recognition Lunch

This committee is charged with planning the annual recognition lunch to celebrate staff and their service milestones and to present the Staff Excellence Award.

Erin Gallagher  Library
Zakiya Rhodes  HCC
Megan Simón  Student Life
Anne Schuyler-Moon  Alumni Programs & Annual Fund
Leslie White  Human Resources
Jane Woodcock  Development
Josiane Quitta  Disability Support Services


Childcare Committee website

Trina Paniagua  Financial Aid
Dhyana Westfall  Community Safety
Diego Alonso  Faculty
Gail Sherman  Faculty

Committee on Diversity

The Committee on Diversity is charged with monitoring the programs and policies adopted by the college in pursuing its commitment to diversity and making recommendations about recruitment and under-represented ethnic and racial groups.

Jessika Chi Institutional Diversity
Dayspring Mattole Inclusive Community
Mary James Institutional Diversity
Milyon Trulove Admission
Michelle Valintis Human Resources
Kelly Chacón Faculty
Mónica López Lerma Faculty
Radhika Natarajan Faculty
Pancho Savery Faculty
Kyle Ormsby Faculty

Computing Policy

This committee is charged with developing and enacting policies for the use of information technology at Reed College.

Dena Hutto Library
Christine Morita-McVey Computing & Information Systems
Jolina Kwong Caputo Dean of Faculty Office
Marty Ringle Computing & Information Systems
Mike Tamada Institutional Research
Robert Tust Business Office
Tony Palomino CUS
Rowan Frost Student Life
Kambiz GhaneaBassiri Faculty
Lucía Martínez Valdivia Faculty
Alex Montgomery Faculty
Darrell Schroeter Faculty
Minh Tran Faculty

Excellence Award

This committee is charged with evaluating the Staff Excellence Award nominations received each spring, referring 0-3 recipients to the President for approval.

Composition: the prior year's recipient(s), plus 1 recipient from two years prior

Doris Hall Facilities Services
Ray Krebs Web Support Services
Dayspring Mattole Office for Inclusive Community 
Josh Tackitt Computer User Services
Pharoah Bolding Human Resources
Michelle Valintis Human Resources

Gray Fund

The Gray Fund Committee’s charge is to assist in planning Gray Fund social, recreational and educational events for the community.

Term: 2 academic years, staggered terms

Brittney Corrigan-McElroy Conference and Events Planning
Kristy Gonyer Biology
Doris Hall Facilities Services
Kristin Holmberg Student Engagement
Jamila Dozier Student Engagement
Will Symms Athletics, Fitness and Outdoor Programs
Jaclyn Pryor Faculty
Zhenya Bershtein Faculty

Honor Council

This committee is charged with being responsible for educating members of the community about the meaning and importance of responsible and honorable conduct. Additionally, this committee provides advice to students seeking resolution of disputes and to informally mediate such disputes prior to more formal action.

Composition: students, faculty, and staff; an equal number of each
Term: 3 academic years; staggered terms

Bonny Barr HCC
Julia Nicholson Residence Life
Beth Platte Instructional Technology Services
Ellen Kotler Institutional Research
Mark Beck Faculty
Nathalia King Faculty
Pancho Savery Faculty


The Legislation Committee is charged with implementing recent changes in governance to the community constitution. 

Britt Q. Hoover Dean of Students Office
Frankie Breedlove Admission
Steven Arkonovich Faculty
Christian Kroll Faculty

Quality of Life

Serving on the Quality of Life Committee gives employees an opportunity to evaluate and make recommendations to improve the quality of work life for faculty and staff.

Term: staff: 3 academic years, staggered terms

Karin Purdy Dean of Faculty Office
Amy Schuckman Residence Life
Kati Sweaney Admission
Katrina Tanner Human Resources
Michelle Valintis Human Resources
Darrell Schroeter Faculty
Steve Wasserstrom Faculty

Reed Entertainers Show

The Reed Entertainers Show Committee is charged with planning the annual talent show for faculty and staff.

Hollie Caskey Community Safety
Kevin Myers Public Affairs
Hailie Roark Technology Infrastructure Systems
Taylor Smith CUS

Reed Union

The Reed Union Committee is charged with assisting in planning and coordinating all-community meetings (Reed Unions) when matters of specific relevance to the Reed community arise.

Term: 2 academic years; staggered terms

Staff:  To be appointed
LaShandra Sullivan Faculty
Kambiz GhaneaBassiri Faculty


Serving on the Safety Committee gives employees an opportunity to play an important role in keeping our workplace free of hazards. Members attend monthly meetings and conduct quarterly building inspections.

Cypress Williams Human Resources
Jay Ewing Physics
Kristine Hayes Biology
Randy Hicks Chemistry
Juan Sanchez Building Services
Ry Malloy Audio Visual Services
Ilana Novakoski Reactor
April Sams Environmental Health and Safety
Rusty Tennant Theatre
Dhyana Westfall Community Safety
Cathy Young Environmental Health and Safety
Mark Beck Faculty
Sam Fey Faculty


This committee is charged with coordinating the college’s activities in support of sustainability.

Towny Angell Facilities Services
Zac Perry Grounds Maintenance
April Sams Environmental Health and Safety
Chris Koski Faculty
Johnny Powell Faculty
Alan Shusterman Faculty

Take Your Child to Work Day

The Take Your Child to Work Day Committee’s charge is to plan and coordinate the annual event for children of staff and faculty.

Ellen Kotler Institutional Research
Jessika Chi Institutional Diversity
Megan Simón Student Life
Trina Paniagua  Financial Aid

Title IX Board

The charge of the Title IX Board is to hear all cases brought by any current or former member of the Reed community against any individual who has allegedly committed an act of sexual misconduct while a member of the student body.

Composition: should consist of at least 6 staff together with all members of the student judicial board.

Matthew Boyd Computer Science
Emma Notario College Relations
Haley Parra-Cain Alumni Engagement
Kathy Saitas Development
Martha Schlitt Registrar's Office
Jenn Sonntag Development


Wellness Committee website

The Wellness Committee is charged with developing, promoting, and implementing programs to promote the health and well-being of staff and faculty.

Kat Buckspan Admission
Katrina Tanner Human Resources
Rowan Frost Student Life
Adam Mortensen Building Maintenance
Tara Sonali Miller SEEDS
Barbara Amen Special Programs
Lisa Mickola Dean of Faculty Office
Kelsey Wirtzfeld Dean of Students Office
Steve Immel College Relations Information Systems
Aaron Kennedy Community Safety