Human Resources

Staff Committees 2022-2023


This committee's charge is to review institutional priorities, to educate the community, and to address current and future concerns related to accessibility issues across the campus.

Jess Gibson  Disability & Accessibility Resources
Chris Toutain  
Title IX & Section 504
Maxwell Goss  
Health & Counseling Services
Hannah Meier  
Beth Platte  
Instructional Technology Services
Sharon Sanchez Santa Rita 
Dhyana Westfall  
Community Safety
Jason Parker  Web Support Services
Deena Hofstad  Human Resources
Alexandra Hrycak


This committee's charge is to plan the annual show of artistic works by college staff and faculty.

Payam Damghani  Information Technology
Gabriela Elkins  
Conference & Events Planning
Adam Mortensen  
Lin Reedijk  
Dean of the Faculty
Emily Cardinal 
Financial Aid
Marianne Colgrove  
Information Technology
Toria Ellis  Reactor Facility


Childcare Committee website

This committee's charge is to continue its collaboration with Growing Seeds to ensure the success of the childcare center.

Kathy Oleson  Dean of the Faculty
Trina Marmarelli 
Instructional Technology Services
Katie Reichard  Biology
Cameron Tanner  Student Life
Danielle Cass  Faculty
Mariella Szwarcberg Daby  Faculty

Staff Committee on Diversity

The Staff Committee on Diversity will make recommendations to senior leadership that it believes would lead to the enhanced recruitment and retention of staff from underrepresented and historically marginalized groups, especially racial and ethnic groups. The Staff CoD will also make recommendations to senior leadership to promote inclusive and culturally responsive practices within the college’s departments and across its units. In partnership with the Office for Institutional Diversity and the Center for Teaching and Learning, the Staff CoD will promote education, communication, and dialogue between and among campus constituencies on issues of diversity, inclusion, and equity.

Phyllis Esposito Office of Institutional Diversity 
Heather Quinn-Barron
Human Resources
Payam Damghani  
Information Technology
Hannah Meier 
Sharon Sanchez Santa Rita  Facilities
Brittany Wideman  Registrar's Office
Hayden Todd  Center for Life Beyond Reed
Claudia Ramirez Islas Student & Campus Life

Computing Planning and Policy Committee

This committee's charge is to develop and enact policies for the use of information technology at Reed College.

Val Moreno  Information Technology
Jolina Kwong Caputo  Dean of the Faculty
Ben Poliakoff  Technology Infrastructure Services
Mike Tamada  Institutional Research
Sandy Sundstrom  Financial Aid
Felipe Carrera  Faculty
Hugh Hockman  Faculty
Aki Miyoshi  Faculty
Alexander Moll  Faculty
Michael Pitts  Faculty

Excellence Award

This committee's charge is to evaluate the Staff Excellence Award nominations received each spring, referring 0-3 recipients to the president for approval.

Composition: the prior year's recipient(s), plus one recipient from two years prior

Lyn-Mara Eggleston  Library
Jolina Kwong Caputo  Dean of the Faculty
Jenni Leatham  Health & Counseling Services
Bryan Kelly  Physical Plant
Cypress Williams  Human Resources

Gray Fund

This committee’s charge is to plan Gray Fund social, recreational and educational events for the community.

Term: 2 academic years, staggered terms

Brittney Corrigan-McElroy  Conference and Events Planning
Amanda French  Student Engagement
Will Symms  Athletics, Fitness and Outdoor Programs
Melanie Evans  Health & Counseling Services
Val Moreno  Information Technology
Dustin Simpson  English
Shishei Tsang  Institutional Diversity

Honor Council

This committee's charge is to educate members of the community about the meaning and importance of honorable conduct. Additionally, this committee provides advice to students seeking resolution of disputes and to informally mediate such disputes prior to more formal action.

Composition: students, faculty, and staff; an equal number of each
Term: 3 academic years; staggered terms

Steve Abrahão Student Life
Cameron Tanner  Student Life
María Granados  Human Resources
Mark Beck  Faculty
Lucía Martínez Valdivia  Faculty
Kristin Scheible  Faculty


This committee's charge is to review and formally respond with recommendations to community-wide legislative proposals. Committee recommendations are communicated to the Community Affairs Committee, student body Senate, and staff, regardless of who initiated the proposal. Recommendations may include consulting with experts and/or interested parties, forming an ad hoc committee for further evaluation, drafting legislation, or discouraging legislative actions.

Jeff Wright  Development
Jason Maher  
Registrar's Office
Trina Marmarelli  
Instructional Technology Services
Michael Breen
Michael Faletra  Faculty

Quality of Life

This committee's charge is to make recommendations to improve the quality of work life for faculty and staff. Such recommendations are to be made after study of the literature on employee success and what makes a great place to work.

Term: staff: 3 academic years, staggered terms

Max Goss  Health & Counseling Services
Beth Platte  Instructional Technology Services
Lyn-Mara Eggleston  Library
Johanna Workman  Health & Counseling Services
Heather Quinn-Barron  Human Resources
Jay Dickson  Faculty
Ellen Millender  Faculty

Reed Entertainers Show

This committee's charge is to plan the annual talent show for staff and faculty.

Adam Mortensen  Facilities
Lauren Rennan 
Public Affairs
Jonathan Byrd  Administrative Computing Services
Deena Hofstad  Human Resources

Reed Union

This committee's charge is to assist in planning and coordinating all-community meetings (Reed Unions) when matters of specific relevance to the Reed community arise.

Term: 2 academic years; staggered terms

Shishei Tsang  Institutional Diversity
Michael Foat  Faculty
Aaron Ramirez  Faculty


This committee's charge is to give employees the opportunity to play an important role in keeping our workplace free of hazards. Members attend monthly meetings and conduct quarterly building inspections.

Toria Ellis  Reactor Facility
Jay Ewing
Randy Hicks  Chemistry
Louise Krampien  Art
April Sams  Environmental Health & Safety
Rusty Tennant  Theatre
Jeff Brown  Biology
Steve Immel  College Relations Info Systems
Adriel Tirador Millar  Community Safety
Tom Wassum  Facilities
Ry Malloy  Audio Visual Services
Cyrus Monsef  
Zac Perry  Facilities
Colton Lynn  Animal Research Manager
Cypress Williams  Human Resources
Barbara Tetenbaum  Faculty
Ellen Millender  Faculty

Staff Recognition Lunch

This committee's charge is to plan the annual recognition lunch to celebrate staff and their service milestones and to present the Staff Excellence Award. 

Lauren Rennan  Public Affairs
Andrew Warnecke
Amanda French  Student Engagement
Emily McNulty Scripter  Development
María Granados  Human Resources


This committee's charge is to make recommendations to college leadership that advance our environmental sustainability.

Rachel Willis  Environmental Health & Safety
Greta Glover  Biology
Kristy Gonyer  
Faculty Admin Coordinators
Anne Kimberly  
Health & Counseling Services
Deniz Menemenci 
Jessica Valeske  Bookstore
Lisa Leonard  Conference & Events Planning
Zac Perry Facilities
Lynn Valenter  Vice President of Finance and Treasurer
Steve Yeadon  Director of Facilities Operations
Kathy Oleson  Dean of the Faculty
Troy Cross  Faculty
Sam Fey  Faculty
Josh Howe  Faculty
Sarah Wagner-McCoy  Faculty

Take Your Child to Work Day

This committee's charge is to plan and coordinate the annual event for children of staff and faculty which will take place on April 27, 2023.

Colleen Gotze  Cooley Memorial Art Gallery
Siira Rieschl  
Gwen Sandford  
International Student Services
Steve Yeadon  Facilities


Wellness Committee website

This committee's charge is to develop, promote, and implement programs to enhance the health and well-being of Reed community members.

Fiona Ahn  International Student Services
Gabriela Elkins 
 Conference & Events Planning
Melanie Evans  Health & Counseling Services
Dustin Simpson  English
Adriel Tirador Millar  Community Safety
Cory Chambers  Faculty Admin Coordinator
Owen Gross  Physics
Erica Nukaya  Business Office
Leslie White  Human Resources