Dean of the Faculty

Welcome to Reed's Office of the Dean of the Faculty

In December 2019, Reed's President, Audrey Bilger, announced the appointment of Kathryn (Kathy) Oleson as dean of the faculty. Kathy joined the Reed faculty in 1995 as a professor of psychology and assumed her current position in July 2020.  

The Office of the Dean of the Faculty serves to champion the interests of Reed's faculty members and to ensure the efficacy of the college's academic programs. The office works closely with faculty members to support their academic ambitions. Working with the Committee on Advancement and Tenure (CAT), the office coordinates faculty recruitment and the evaluation and advancement of current faculty members. Working with the Committee on Academic Policies and Planning (CAPP), the office oversees and assists in the planning and development of educational policy and the college's academic programs.  

Administrative offices that are directly involved in formulating and implementing the college's academic programs report to the Dean of Faculty; these include Cooley GalleryInformation Technology (IT), International Programs, Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS), Outreach Programs, Reed College Library, Reed Research Reactor, and the Registrar.