Dean of the Faculty


Committee on Academic Policy and Planning (CAPP)

The Committee on Academic Policy and Planning (CAPP) consists of seven Academic Faculty members elected by the faculty, plus the President and the Dean of the Faculty as ex officio members. It is charged with serving as “a forum” in which the President of the College shall “test[...] and seek[...] advice about Faculty opinion on matters concerning the College and its resources.” (A full description of the Committee’s responsibilities can be found in Article IX, Sections 2 and 3: The Committee on Academic Policy and Planning of the Faculty Constitution.)

How to Participate in CAPP 

  • Go to meetings
    Community members may listen in on, and when invited, speak in regular CAPP meetings. In rare instances, the meeting may be closed temporarily (Faculty Bylaws, Article IV, Section 3, C1.)
  • Share your ideas with CAPP
    Provide anonymous feedback which will be reviewed weekly by the CAPP Chair.  
  • Get elected
    Faculty members may be elected to the committee (Faculty Bylaws, Article IV, Section 3).
  • Participate in CAPP Strategic Visioning
    During AY21–22, community members may contribute to developing strategic priorities for Faculty FTE allocation in an "FTE-neutral" financial landscape.

Current CAPP Information and Materials

Past CAPP Information and Materials

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