Faculty Housing

Reed College owns a limited number of houses that it rents on a temporary basis to faculty members. All of these houses are contiguous to the campus, or nearly so. Currently, twenty houses/apartments are being rented to faculty. The program is administered by the office of the Dean of the Faculty. The following guidelines are used in allocating and managing these properties:

  • Rentals are for one year only, though requests for a second year will be considered and evaluated in the light of special needs, availability, etc.

  • Tenure-track faculty will have preference over non-tenure-track faculty.

  • Basic maintenance of the interior of the home is the responsibility of the tenant. Major repairs and emergencies should be reported to, and are the responsibility of, Facilities Services. That office will also provide basic yard maintenance, including lawn care and tree pruning.

  • Rents will be determined annually, and will continue to be as attractive as possible. Rent includes all utilities with the exception of telephone, cable, and internet.

These are guidelines only. Where considerations of equity and/or institutional interests require, this office will be flexible in responding to special requests and circumstances.