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(Source: Office of the Dean of the Faculty)

Application to the Summer Scholarship Fund may be made by any Reed faculty member who is at least half-time: tenured, tenure track, or continuing visitor. The Summer Scholarship Fund is limited to $1500 for tenured or tenure-track faculty and $1000 for continuing visitors. It is to be used for summer research and scholarship and may include supplies, equipment (excluding computer hardware but including software and upgrades), books, student assistance, travel, and related items.

Appropriate projects for the Summer Scholarship Fund include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Scholarly or research-related travel, other than to meetings in the US
  • Travel to meetings abroad
  • Support for student assistants for scholarly or research projects
  • Attendance at workshops or seminars for scholarly or curricular development
  • Support for professional visitors to enhance Reed faculty's teaching or scholarship
  • Purchase of equipment, books, or other media for research or scholarly work
  • Secretarial assistance for preparation of manuscripts

Decisions are based upon justification for the request, appropriateness in context of a faculty member's work, availability of other sources of funds, and timely nature of the project. Applications for the Summer Scholarship Fund are distributed in the spring and awards are announced around the middle of May. Funds must be spent between May 15 and August 31.

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