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(Source: Office of the Dean of Faculty, February 1, 2000; updated January 3, 2011)

Teaching Humanities 110 can be enriched substantially by a first-hand acquaintance with the physical setting in which classical culture flourished, including and especially the major architectural monuments of the ancient world. With this principle in mind, the Humanities 110 faculty travel program is designed to give members of the Hum 110 staff an opportunity to visit important sites in Greece and Rome. One grant will be available each year to help defray the travel expenses of a single faculty member. The grant is for $2,600.

The following guidelines apply:

  1. Only tenured or tenure-track faculty are eligible
  2. Preference will be given, first, to faculty who have never visited Greece or Rome and, second, to faculty who have visited one but not the other. In the case of "ties," preference will be given to mid-career tenured faculty, then to younger tenured faculty, then to junior faculty, in order of seniority. So as to insure maximum impact throughout the staff, no single faculty member can receive more than one grant in any 10-year period.
  3. It is expected that travel plans will focus on direct observation of sites that play a prominent role in the Hum 110 syllabus. Itineraries may involve both Greece and Rome, or simply one or the other.
  4. No specific duties are required of grant recipients, other than to see and experience as much of classical culture and its environment as possible. The Hum 110 staff may request recipients to take photographs or obtain other information or items that might be of use to the course.

Applications should be submitted by March 11 to the Dean of the Faculty. The application should simply describe proposed travel plans, along with past travel experiences at classical sites, if any. Decisions will be made by the Dean, consistent with the guidelines described above. In cases where the guidelines do not produce a clear preference, the Dean will consult with the current chair of the Hum 110 staff.

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