Dean of the Faculty


Department and Program Data

This page provides faculty with access to key sources of current data, reports, and reviews about departments and programs essential to our on-going efforts to understand and improve the academic program.

If you have questions about any of the materials here, please contact the Associate Dean of the Faculty, Tamara Metz (

Quantitative Department and Program Profiles

Following work during spring of 2022, Institutional Research, the Dean of the Faculty’s Office, and CAPP continue to collaborate in producing easily accessible, up-to-date Department and Program Data Profiles for academic departments and programs at the college. The goal of these materials is to gain a college-level perspective on how students are distributed across the curriculum.

These profiles include longitudinal data on enrollments per FTE and thesis per FTE, including a summary plot visualizing each department using the most recent four-year average for each metric. In addition, each department has an updated quantitative summary which includes the student per FTE and thesis per FTE metrics, and data on number of graduates and percent course capacity. Some, but not all, of this data is also available for programs. Institutional Research will update these profiles every year by early August.

We continue to work to update and add to the quantitative profiles, including by disaggregating the students per FTE data (e.g. by separating 100 and 200 level courses from upper division courses). If you would like to discuss adding disaggregated measures in your profile, or if you have other ideas or feedback related to the quantitative profiles, please contact the Associate Dean of the Faculty, Tamara Metz (

Assessment Data, including Annual Departmental Reports and Decennial Reviews

Faculty assessment is at the heart of College decisions about the academic program and resource allocation. It takes place at four levels: individual, departmental, general educational, and College-wide. The formal processes associated with the last three are closely tied to accreditation. To access the data and reports collected through these processes, click on the links below.