Dean of the Faculty


Faculty Administrative Coordinators 2022-23

Updated May 30, 2023

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By Name

Kristy Gonyer 777-7216 Biology 115 Biology, Environmental Studies, M&NS Division
Jolie Griffin 777-7753 Vollum 320 English, French, Humanities, Undergraduate Research Committee
Anne Ha 517-5297 Eliot 317 MALS, Special Programs
TBD 517-5075 Vollum 114 Anthropology, Linguistics, Political Science, Public Policy Workshop
Kayla Johnston 777-7229 Chemistry 303 Chemistry, HSRC-IRB
Joan Meyer 777-7794 Psychology 116 L&L Division, Psychology, Russian, Spanish
Lisa Mickola 777-7710 Library 317 Art, Chinese, Computer Science, GLAM, Mathematics
Julie Shannon 777-7771 Vollum 112 Economics, History, H&SS Division, International Comparative Policy Studies, Sociology
Cory Chambers 777-7221 Physics 128 Philosophy, Physics, PRPL Division, Religion
Charlie Wilcox 517-5131 PAB 133 Arts Division, CRES, Dance, German, Music, Theatre

By Department

Anthropology TBD Linguistics TBD
Art Lisa Mickola MALS Anne Ha
Biology Kristy Gonyer Mathematics Lisa Mickola
Chemistry Kayla Johnston Music Charlie Wilcox
Chinese Lisa Mickola Philosophy Cory Chambers
Computer Science Lisa Mickola Physics Cory Chambers
Dance Charlie Wilcox Political Science TBD
Economics Julie Shannon Psychology Joan Meyer
English Jolie Griffin Religion Cory Chambers
Kristy Gonyer Russian Joan Meyer
French Jolie Griffin Sociology Julie Shannon
German Charlie Wilcox Spanish Joan Meyer
GLAM Lisa Mickola Special Programs Anne Ha
History Julie Shannon Theatre Charlie Wilcox
Humanities Jolie Griffin

By Division

Arts Charlie Wilcox
History and Social Sciences Julie Shannon
Literature and Languages Joan Meyer
Mathematical and Natural Sciences Kristy Gonyer
Philosophy, Religion, Psychology, and Linguistics Cory Chambers