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(Source: Minutes of the faculty, August 25, 1998)

Faculty are encouraged to apply for awards supporting full-time research activities funded on the basis of a national or international competition, e.g., Guggenheim, NEH, ACLS, Institute for Advanced Study, National Humanities Center, etc. Faculty who have received such prestigious awards may apply for supplemental funds from the college in order to minimize the financial impact of taking the one or two semester leave from teaching required to accept the award. In no case will the external awards and the supplemental award total more than the faculty member's annual salary, and a supplemental award will never exceed one-half of the annual salary. Ordinarily, faculty members may receive at most one supplemental award each sabbatical cycle. Supplemental funds will be awarded on a first-come first-served basis, but the College will try to fund all legitimate requests.

Requests for supplemental funds should be directed to the Dean of the Faculty. Any questions regarding the appropriate size of an individual supplement or the legitimacy of a request will be forwarded to the Paid Leave Award Committee, which will make a recommendation to the President.

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