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Registrar's Office Fall 2020 Updates

The 2020-21 academic calendar has been updated to reflect the changes announced by President Bilger. You can see the updated calendar at

The Schedule of Classes for fall 2020 is being updated to reflect a blend of online and in-person classes for fall. Returning students can learn more about this at Until the schedule is updated, SOLAR is closed and the fall schedule is not available to view on the Schedule of Classes page. We expect an updated schedule to be available July 20.

New students can find information about advising and registration at New student registration will begin this month and continue in August.

Calendar of Registration and Advising - Fall 2020

  • July 6–7: group advising sessions for incoming first-year and transfer students
  • July 8–13: first-year students will rank their preferences (1-3) for one in-person course
  • July 7–26: online placement tests open. New students (first-years and transfers) should complete placement exams by 11:59 PDT on Thursday, July 9.
  • July 14–17: residential pods, based on Hum 110 conference and students’ selected in-person course, are created  
  • July 20: course design addendum to fall course descriptions posted 
  • July 21: departmental open houses for continuing students
  • July 20–29: advisers meet with continuing students to discuss changes to schedule and provide new PINs
  • July 23–31: SOLAR opens for continuing students to amend their schedules
  • July 28: departmental open houses for incoming students
  • July 29–31: new student advising
  • August 3: SOLAR opens for new students to finish registration. They will have been registered for their two pod courses by July 17. Students should not change their registration in Pod courses.
  • August 17:  SOLAR opens for continuing students to make final changes
  • August 26: SOLAR closes. Sections balanced as much as possible without interfering with residential pods. 

Our Mission

In support of the mission of Reed College, the Office of the Registrar ensures the integrity of academic policies, processes, and records. We are dedicated to providing equitable, efficient, respectful, and friendly service.