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(Source: Dean of the Faculty, October 2011)

Release time allows for more substantial research projects than would otherwise be possible, and this in turn often creates a real demand for the kind of unusual assistance—bibliographic, technical, equipment-related, and the like—that serious research may require. The Sabbatical Fellowship Expense Fund is explicitly dedicated to the support of faculty on year-long sabbaticals (as described in section C-6 of the Rules of Procedure) and is part of discretionary resources administered by the Dean of the Faculty. It is designed to defray not the kinds of ordinary research expenses incurred by all faculty but, rather, those special, often rather larger needs associated with release-time activities. Monies are allocated by the Dean on the basis of specific and detailed requests. Specific requests are evaluated in terms of the degree to which the success of a project depends on institutional support, and with a view toward determining the availability of other extra- or intramural sources of funding.

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