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This page contains links to resources useful for students interested in studying Chinese language and culture at Reed College. These include links to information about China-centered courses offered within the Chinese department and elsewhere at Reed, useful resources for those learning Chinese language or conducting research on China, or who are or are interested in becoming Chinese majors (including information about major requirements, the junior qualifying examination, and the thesis process), useful websites for learning Chinese language or conducting research on China.

Chinese Studies and Chinese Humanities at Reed

Resources for Studying Chinese Language and Culture

Language Laboratory

One invaluable resource for the study of Chinese language and culture at Reed College is the Language Laboratory, located on LL1 of the Hauser Library in the Instructional Media Center (IMC). The language lab is designed to augment language competence at all levels through drop-in tutoring, language-specific software and online resources, and facilities to watch and listen to the materials provided by the IMC. Currently equipped with iMacs and MacBook Pros, the lab is open to students approximately 15 hours daily during the academic year.

The Chinese Resources webpage of the Language Laboratory moreover offers useful links to a variety of useful webpages, including China-specific internet and social media resources, Typing Help for Chinese on Mac or Windows, Online Chinese Dictionaries, Resources for help with learning Chinese characters, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and conversation, and writing, Chinese Audiovisual resources, Newspapers and Blogs, and Cultural Resources.

Chinese Language Learning

In addition to the above websites, the following webpages offer useful information and advice for beginning learners of Chinese in particular.

Chinese Dictionaries online

Chinese Tutoring

Chinese House

The Chinese house is an on-campus residence for returning students who demonstrate at least second-year language proficiency. Student residents converse primarily in Chinese, and are aided by the Chinese language scholar who is also housed there. The Chinese House regularly sponsors campus-wide cultural events, such as the Mid-Autumn and New Years celebrations, as well as smaller, informal gatherings, such as film screenings, coversation tables, poetry readings, and tea tastings.