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Summer Internship Awards

The Summer Internship Awards offer funding to support any type of unpaid internship opportunity:  public sector, private, not-for-profit, business, entrepreneurial or other unpaid summer internship.  A special winter version of this competition is also available for graduating Spring/Fall seniors with a winter or spring internship position.  The Internship Award offers you the opportunity to gain valuable experience relevant to career development or academic aspirations.  Students seeking support for research opportunities should explore the programs offered by the Undergraduate Research Committee and/or their respective departments.  HINT:  Search for "Research" in the Fellowships search tool!



Basic award amounts for 2018 recipients will be up to $4,000 for a minimum of eight weeks of full time engagement.  Deadlines:   January 19, 2018 (Spring/Fall only), March 30, 2018 (Summer) - noon.

Internship locations

Looking for Inspiration?  Previous students have interned with a broad range of organizations, including:  

  • Copper Canyon Press

  • Danish Institute Against Torture

  • The Pacific Biodiversity Institute


  • OHSU

  • OMSI

  • Seattle Magazine

  • Hack Oregon

  • Senator Merkley's Office, Washington D.C.

  • Mercy Corps Northwest

  • Ubuntu4Africa

  • The Clinton Foundation

  • White Bird Clinic

  • Saturday Academy


All currently enrolled students in good academic standing are eligible to apply, including graduating seniors.  Graduating seniors must particularly address in their application essay what role this opportunity plays in helping them transition to their first post-Reed destination.

To Apply

Application Steps

Grant applications are available online for graduating Spring/Fall Seniors and for all other students.

There are three elements to the online form:

1. An up-to-date copy of your resume summarizing any work and volunteer experiences relevant to the opportunity you are applying for.  Please include your name in the file name and save in PDF format. 

2. A detailed project description:  Upload a document of no more than 1,000 words including the following components: 

  1. One-paragraph introduction that succinctly summarizes your proposed internship and the benefits to you.
  2. Description of the mission and purpose of your host organization.
  3. Description of the work/project/activities you anticipate doing as well as a description of your motivation and interest in this area.
  4. Summary of the skills, knowledge, or other relevant preparation you will bring to this position.
  5. Outline of the desired educational outcomes of this experience and how they apply to your goals.
  6. Contact information (names, telephone numbers, and email addresses) for your host organization contacts.

If your proposal is chosen for funding, before you receive the award, it is required that your sponsoring organization provide an email or scanned letter addressed to acknowledging that you will be engaged in the project for which you receive the funds.

3. Detailed budget of your expenses and an explanation of how you will cover any expenses that exceed the award amount

Review & Notification

Proposals will be judged on a competitive basis on their relevance to your field of study or post-Reed goals; the quality and thoughtfulness of the summer plan (what you hope to learn or experience and how) and the ability of the sponsoring organization to support your learning.  Successful applicants will respond fully to each of the essay prompts and provide a coherent and compelling narrative outlining their motivation to pursue the proposed plan as well as the anticipated outcomes.


  • Prior to receiving funding, you must submit a letter of confirmation from your organization acknowledging your internship agreement as well as the acceptance and liability agreement with Reed College.
  • You agree to participate in a post-program reflection and action-planning session on your return to campus (graduating seniors are exempt from this requirement).
  • You agree to write and submit social media and/or blog postings over the summer as requested by the Center for Life Beyond Reed. 

Travel Restrictions

Travel restrictions for awards that originate or pass through Reed's business office usually follow State Department travel warning criteria. If you suspect that your proposed location of study may present safety or security risks, please consult the U.S. Department of State Travel Warnings Section. If a project proposal includes travel to locations that may present safety or security risks, especially as identified by the State Department travel warning criteria, special note must be made in the proposal, and additional information may be requested before permission is determined.

The Reed College Summer Internship Awards are tentative until travel permission has been received from the Reed College coordinators of such awards via completion of an award agreement that outlines conditions of acceptance. Students who do not receive permission to travel will not be allowed to use such funds for their proposed project; however, accommodations for an alternate location may be made at the discretion of the coordinators of the awards.

Express Advising and Drop-In Hours 

Express Advising w/ Peer Career Advisers

Spring Semester Hours:

Mon, 2pm-4pm, Prexy
Tues, 12pm-2pm, Prexy
Wed, 6pm-8pm, LIB 203
Thurs, 3pm-5pm, Prexy
Fri, 2pm-4pm, Prexy 
Sun, 6pm-8pm, PAB 104 (New location for Sunday 2/25 only)

Drop-In Hours w/ CLBR Staff

Fellowships Q&A in Commons: Tuesdays, 11:45am-1:15pm

Grad School, Career, and Internship Q&A in MRC: Wednesdays, 11:30am-1:30pm

Career & Internship Q&A in Commons: Thursdays, 11:30am-1:30pm

Grad School, Career, and Internship Q&A in Commons: Fridays, 11:30am-1:30pm

Note: Please check the announcements on your homepage in Griffin Door for any possible updates or cancellations.

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