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Tutoring at Reed  Are you a local parent looking for a tutor for your (Non-Reed) Student? Click Here to post a job.

Reed has a robust peer tutoring program, employing around 100 tutors for a wide range of courses. Students are eligible for up to one hour per week of individual (one-on-one) tutoring for each course they are registered in, in addition to unlimited access to drop-in (group) tutoring for a number of introductory-level courses and the languages. More information is given below on the different tutoring options.

Jump to Drop-In Tutoring Information here, or see the Drop-In Schedule (login required). Interested in working with a tutor on your thesis? Click here for more information.

Do you have feedback to share, good or bad, about a tutoring experience? Please email Amaan Mohiuddin, the Tutor Program Coordinator. Feedback will only be used anonymously unless you request otherwise.

Individual Tutoring FAQ

One-on-one tutoring is provided by qualified Reed students of advanced standing and is available for many classes and departments. 

How much help can I get?

Students can attend as many drop-in hours per week as they like for both course-specific help and writing help, but one-on-one tutoring hours are limited as follows:

  • Students are eligible for one free hour of individual tutoring per course, per week. This is limited to courses students are registered in at the time, provided faculty have named tutors for the course.
  • In addition, they may receive one free hour of one-on-one writing tutoring per week. Individual writing tutors are eligible to assist students with any stage of the writing process, and with assignments in any discipline.
  • Groups of students can book a tutor together, and pool their hours if they meet at the same time. For example, two students can share a Hum 110 tutor for two hours instead of one, or for two one-hour sessions taken together.
  • For students working on a thesis, additional help is possible. Please contact Amaan Mohiuddin ( for information on setting up a regular tutoring time for your thesis.
  • If you like more time with a tutor and have used your individual tutoring time, and utlized other methods of support (i.e drop-in tutoring, office hours, etc), please reach out to Amaan Mohiuddin ( for a temporary increase in tutoring hours. 
  • If you need more time with a one-on-one tutor and have used your allotted hours, you may organize a private arrangement with that tutor, and pay them for the extra time.

How do I book an Individual Tutor?

Tutors can be booked through the tutoring app in IRIS. Follow the steps below to set up an appointment:

  1. Log in to IRIS using your Reed login and visit the tutoring app here: Reed Tutoring App
  2. Search for your course using the text-entry box, or scroll down the page to find it. If you don't know which tutor to book, you can choose to email all tutors for a course. Explain what you want help with and when you'd like to meet, and wait for a reply. Once a tutor agrees, come back to the Tutoring App to continue these steps.
  3. Once you know which tutor you want, click on the link next to their name that says "book this tutor". You'll be taken to a page to fill out a form requesting an appointment.
  4. Select at least two dates and times that fit the tutor's availability. Their availability can be shown by clicking the availability links at the top of the form.
  5. If you're eligible for more than one hour (through DAR, for thesis tutoring, or if you're pooling hours with other students) check the box and add a comment describing why.
  6. Select a course, the general reasons for your appointment, and meeting format. Add any extra comments that would be helpful for the tutor, and click "Request Booking"
  7. You and the tutor should receive emails confirming that you have booked a session, and the tutor may reply to work out some details via email. Once these details are decided, the tutor will confirm the booking and you will be emailed with the final times and details.

You can view your upcoming appointments through IRIS, at My Upcoming Appointments. If you need to cancel or change an appointment, please give the tutor as much notice as possible.

Who can I talk to about tutoring?

If you have would like to share feedback about your experience with tutoring, contact Amaan Mohiuddin with any questions, concerns, or suggestions.

Are you interested in tutoring for your senior thesis?

Seniors writing a thesis are eligible to be paired with a writing tutor who can work with them on writing and revision strategies for their thesis for up to 1.5 hours per week. The additional 30 minutes allows tutors to read and comment on longer sections of text, or help seniors develop plans for thesis-length essays. If you would like to be paired with a writing tutor for help with your thesis, please email a 1-paragraph description of your project to Amaan Mohiuddin (; Amaan will share your name and description with the writing tutor staff and then connect you with a tutor by email. You can also contact writing tutors directly to inquire whether they would work with you on your thesis; if you arrange to work with a tutor yourself, please email Amaan to make sure he is aware of the pairing so that the tutor can be paid correctly. 

Drop-In Tutoring

Drop-in tutoring sessions are scheduled, group peer tutoring sessions, typically offered for introductory courses in the languages and the sciences, as well as writing. Sessions are scheduled for the evenings of most nights before classes meet (i.e., Sunday-Thursday each week, typically starting in the second week of the term). 

Students enrolled in courses with drop-in tutoring can attend as many hours of drop-in tutoring as they wish each week. Attendance at drop-in tutoring does not affect a student's eligibility to also meet with an individual tutor for up to one hour per week. 

Find the drop-in tutoring schedule here!