Chinese Department



Alexei K. Ditter 迪磊

Associate Professor of Chinese and Humanities (on leave Spring 2019)

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Medieval and Late Imperial Chinese literature

Jing Jiang 姜靖

Chair, Associate Professor of Chinese and Humanities

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Chinese fiction and film, Chinese-Western comparative literature

Hyong G. Rhew 柳亨奎

Professor of Chinese (on sabbatical 2018-19)

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Classical Chinese literature, Chinese literary theory, Chinese intellectual history, Korean literature.

Charles Q. Wu 吳千之 (Emeritus)

Modern and contemporary Chinese literature, Chinese-Western comparative literature, pre-Qin Chinese philosophy, modern Chinese language.

Language Scholar

In addition to the above faculty, another important member of the Chinese department is the language scholar, who lives with students in the Chinese House, leads weekly "conversation classes" in the first- and second-year language classes, and provides cultural expertise in planning activities. The language scholar is also available to meet with students for additional conversation and help with coursework as needed.


GUAN Linlin 关琳琳

GUAN Linlin received her B.A. in Music Education from Inner Mongolia University of Nationalities, and her M.A. in Chinese Education from Capital Normal University in Beijing.China. Since March 2011, she has been teaching Chinese as a foreign language at the College of International Education, Capital Normal University. Her academic interests span Cross-cultural Communication, Second Language Acquisition, and second language teaching.