Divisions & Departments

Discover Reed's diverse academic landscape by exploring our five divisions and 26 departments. They encompass a broad spectrum of disciplines, so you can find one that aligns with your passions and aspirations.

We have organized this page by division to help you find the program that interests you. Within each division, take the time to thoroughly explore each department to see what it offers. Many offer the option to combine areas of study, concentrate on a particular aspect of the field, or study the intersections of two (or more!) academic fields.


Reed's humanities program shapes you into a more profound thinker, writer, and global citizen. While you can't major in humanities at Reed, it remains an indispensable cornerstone of every Reedie's educational journey.

Learn about the Humanities at Reed

The Arts

Critically examine past works and create new forms of expression within the Division of the Arts. Major in art, dance, music, or theatre, or pursue an established interdisciplinary major, such as dance-theater or literature-theater.


Our art department emphasizes collaboration and understanding between the major’s two primary emphases: art history and studio art. Take classes from both artists and art historians to gain a well-rounded education that prepares you for graduate study or professional work.


Explore the interconnectedness of dance and the culture around it through rigorous study inside and outside of the studio. Perform with Reed ensembles, go on a dance-intensive exchange program, and much more through our major, minor, or interdisciplinary degree programs.


Immerse yourself in diverse musical perspectives with a music major or minor. From private instruction to ensemble performances, experience the breadth and depth of musical expression. Our strong emphasis on scholarship also provides opportunities for intellectual growth and a deeper understanding of music's impact.


Engage with different perspectives by studying and performing plays from around the world. You’ll thrive in our dynamic environment that combines coursework and hands-on production experience. Gain the skills to create your own plays with our major, minor, or interdisciplinary programs.

History and Social Sciences

Explore past and present societies, cultures, and human behavior that impacts our near and far futures. Dive into the disciplines that help you gain a deeper understanding of the forces shaping our world.


Anthropology offers a framework in which to analyze human life and experience. Our department’s focus on cultural and linguistic anthropology helps you explore diverse contexts and critically examine topics like race, gender, and class. Choose between two concentration options.


Use scientific methods to examine the decision-making behavior of individuals and groups. Our major curriculum includes classical and modern theories, and you’ll study empirical tests and policy implications. We also offer a minor, a quantitative track, and interdisciplinary options.


Develop the research and analytical skills you need to understand the complexities of the past. Learn to think across subfields and explore topics such as gender and imperial systems. Our major is closely tied to other academic programs, and you can also enroll in our interdisciplinary programs.

Political Science

Immerse yourself in the tangled world of politics with our major program. Explore pressing issues of our time, from inequality to climate change, while tackling philosophical questions about justice and political obligation. Make your own connections and conclusions through our emphasis on research.


Investigate the fabric of society, uncovering the patterns and meanings that shape human behavior. Gain practical experience in contemporary social research methodologies in our major, minor, and interdisciplinary programs.

Literature and Languages

For those captivated by the power of words and languages, the Division of Literature and Languages offers an expansive range of courses in literary studies, cultural studies, creative writing, and foreign languages. Engage with renowned faculty members and your equally passionate classmates as you unravel the nuances and impacts of storytelling and linguistic expression.


Master spoken and written Chinese skills while exploring China’s literature, film, and culture. Engage in deep analysis and research, attend cultural events at Reed’s Chinese House, and study abroad to become an informed global citizen. Learn about our Chinese major and minor.


Study great works of poetry, drama, and fiction from the past and present. Learn about cultural contexts, genres, and literary theory, and gain the skills to analyze texts and conduct original research. Choose between a cultural or foreign language emphasis for the English major, or select the English minor.

Creative Writing

Housed under the English major, the creative writing concentration empowers you to refine your skills, practice diverse writing styles, and engage with a vibrant writing community. Share your poetry and prose in workshops, getting feedback from your peers, faculty, and visiting writers.


Whether majoring or minoring in French, enhance your fluency and develop a critical appreciation for French and Francophone works. Expand your horizons by studying abroad in France, engaging with visiting language scholars, and living in the French House.


Explore the vibrant intellectual and cultural traditions of German language and literature. Take classes in German, immerse yourself in the language through Reed’s German House, and study abroad in Berlin, Munich, or Tübingen. Choose between a concentration in literature or culture studies, or select the German minor.

Greek, Latin, and Ancient Mediterranean Studies

Study the history, archaeology, and culture of the ancient Greek and Roman Mediterranean. Take courses in Greek and Latin so you can engage with texts in the original language. Learn about our two major tracks, three minors, and interdisciplinary major.


Dive into the rich literary and cultural traditions of Russia, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and more. Build Russian language skills and expand your horizons through engaging events at the vibrant Russian House or studying abroad. Discover our Russian major and minior options.


Immerse yourself in the Spanish language and culture by pursuing a major or minor in Spanish. Explore topics in Spanish and Latin American culture, and broaden your horizons by studying abroad, living in the Spanish House, or engaging with Portland’s growing Latinx community.

Mathematical and Natural Sciences

Uncover complexities of the natural world through scientific inquiry. Build research and analytical skills that enable you to investigate and interpret scientific phenomena. Browse our departments to discover our majors and interdisciplinary programs.


Oak hybridization, Lyme disease, and radioresistant bacteria—find the biology niche that interests you. Engage in hands-on learning with our cutting-edge equipment and dedicated support from your professors. Along with our major, we also offer interdisciplinary programs.


Better understand the natural world by studying atoms and chemical phenomena. Study in our engaging classrooms and conduct impactful research with our state-of-the-art equipment (including a nuclear research reactor). Learn about our interdisciplinary majors.

Computer Science

Explore the theory of computing, discover new approaches to programming, and tackle algorithmic challenges. Major in computer science or join the computer science-mathematics interdisciplinary major. Collaborate with faculty on original research and gain access to internships and research opportunities.

Mathematics and Statistics

With its wide-ranging relevance across disciplines, mathematics continues to shape our understanding of the world. Conduct research in pure mathematics or explore applications in other areas. At Reed, you can major in mathematics, add a statistics concentration, or choose an interdisciplinary program.


Embark on a rigorous scientific journey by engaging in hands-on research and collaborating closely with Reed faculty. Study advanced topics like optics, thermal physics, and astrophysics. Learn about our dual degree programs.

Philosophy, Religion, Psychology, and Linguistics

Delve into the mysteries of human thought, belief, behavior, and language. Our programs offer a rich and interdisciplinary academic experience through in-depth readings, passionate discussions, and hands-on research.


From phonetics and syntax to semantics and sociolinguistics, discover the fascinating and evolving world of human language through our major program. Join hands-on linguistic fieldwork opportunities and access our Lab of Linguistics.


Join a community of open-minded yet skeptical thinkers as you explore some of life’s most enduring questions. Study logic as well as the subfields of metaphysics, epistemology, and ethics.


Immerse yourself in hands-on research, present groundbreaking findings, and study the depths of human behavior with the psychology or neuroscience major. Through our major, gain analytical thinking skills supported by state-of-the-art facilities and community research opportunities.


Explore the foundations of human beliefs and their impact on identity, society, and culture. Study global religions to see how beliefs continue to impact how we address ever-contemporary issues of truth, existence, and authority. Learn about our interdisciplinary programs.