International Programs

International Programs

Reed has a number of exchange programs for students interested in international off-campus study. Students in good academic standing who are approved by Reed faculty for participation in these programs are able to use their financial aid and are registered as regular students at the College.

Step 1: Make an eight semester plan for the major(s) you wish to pursue at Reed

Download one of the example plans from the list of study areas below.

Step 2: Meet with your Adviser to confirm your plan

It is important that you go over the 8 semester plan and have it confirmed by your faculty adviser. If your adviser is not in the department you plan to major in, you should discuss your plan with a faculty member in that department as well. At the end of these meetings you should have a clear idea on timing and academic objectives for your study abroad.

Step 3: Investigate programs that fit your plan and meet with the Director of International Programs to discuss programs and application process

Using language, country and academic discipline search for programs. This will identify specific faculty-approved programs that meet the criterion you've chosen. You can then look at each one carefully to be sure that they have the curricular offerings you need, taught in a language you have mastered so that you can move to the next step and begin an application.

Investigate Programs

Step 4: Complete both program specific applications (on the program web pages) as well as the application forms for Reed.

Application for an Off-campus Study Program - PDF

Health and Counseling - PDF

Step 5: Program Evaluation

Returned participants should complete the program evaluation form.