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Language Scholar Program

The Language Scholar Program was founded at Reed College in 1985, with the first scholar joining the College in the fall of 1986 from the Freie Universität of Berlin in collaboration with the Institute of International Education (IIE). Since then, the program has grown to include eight scholars who come to the College through exchange relationships with partner universities and program affiliations with organizations worldwide.

Language Scholars come to Reed for one academic year to assist the College's efforts to enhance language learning as well as to represent the cultures in which those languages are spoken. They thus work closely with the faculty in the modern languages taught at Reed and live in the College's six language/theme halls. Language Scholars at Reed represent the Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Russian, and Spanish languages.

Meet the Reed College 2023-24 Language Scholars

Basma Amine Ssalam

Basma Amine Ssalam

Arabic Language Scholar

Affiliated Institution: Center for Language and Culture (CLC), Marrakech, Morocco

About Basma

My name is Basma Amine Ssalam. I am 26 years old. I am from Marrakech, Morocco.

I am a bachelor's holder and a CELTA-certified English teacher with four years of experience in this field. I had the chance to work as an Arabic-speaking partner, where I met with visiting American students to help them practice Modern Standard Arabic.

I have always been interested in discovering new cultures and learning new languages. So during my stay in Turkey, I was learning the Turkish language. I like to work out, listen to music, and read books in my free time.

I am so excited about what’s coming next year, and I look forward to meeting new people from different backgrounds at Reed and exchanging our culture.

LI Qianqian

LI Qianqian

Chinese Language Scholar

Affiliated Institution: East China Normal University, Shanghai, China

About Li

Nǐ hǎo, my name is Qianqian Li, and I am from China. I completed my undergraduate studies in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages and am currently pursuing a master's degree in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics. According to the MBTI test, I am an INFP (sometimes ENFP).

My fascination with languages began with my love for Taylor Swift's lyrics, which eventually led me to discover my talent for language learning. I enjoy working and studying with diverse groups where languages are crucial. Additionally, after reading Foucault and Bourdieu, I became intrigued by the power of languages and how they shape our reality. Enthusiasm is the most significant factor in learning languages, and I will strive to inspire your curiosity in Chinese. I hope my Language House will be a comfortable space to communicate and have fun.

You can find me playing badminton, reading fictional novels, or occasionally playing finger-style guitar during my free time. I would happily prepare something delicious if you like traditional Chinese cuisine, like dumplings.

Apart from my mother tongue, I can speak Japanese and Korean. My objective here is to pursue my lifelong passion, which is my forte and something that can benefit others. I am excited to spend an exceptional time with you during your stay at Reed.

Youri Buyle

Youri Buyle

French Language Scholar

Affiliated Institution: Sorbonne Université-CUPA, Paris, France

About Youri

Bonjour à tous!

My name is Youri, and I’m a French student of English with a Russian background – hence my first name. I have always been passionate about languages: I speak French (my native language), Russian, English, Italian, and a bit of German. Spanish is next on the list!
I like reading, running, and playing the piano in my free time. But whenever I can, I book a plane ticket to travel the world. I believe that life is all about meeting others and establishing connections.

I’ve traveled to different countries, and the United States is one of my favorites. Some of the States I have visited so far include Florida, Oregon, California, Arizona, and Nevada. I find the American West fascinating and love the desert vibe. I also enjoy walking in nature, hiking, and driving, so I can’t wait to discover more about the US.

Being a Language Scholar at Reed is one of those opportunities you don’t want to miss. I’m really excited about working in America. I look forward to sharing my experience and my interest in the French language and French-speaking cultures in general. I also expect to learn a lot from all the people I will get to know.

See you soon – adventures await!

Laura Bergmoser

Laura Bergmoser

German Language Scholar

Affiliated Institution: Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München-L&C Year of Study in Munich, Muncih, Germany

About Laura

Hallo! My name is Laura, and I am 25 years old from Munich, Germany. I have recently completed my master's degree in Human Resources Education Management and English and have been teaching for the past two years, which has been a lot of fun for me. Not only have I encountered funny situations, but I have also had the opportunity to work with people and witness their progress over time. Being part of their development has brought me a lot of joy.

I have a passion for traveling and getting to know people from different cultures. I strongly believe that making friends from all around the world brings us closer together and helps break down stereotypes and hatred.

I am excited about my time at Reed College, where I look forward to experiencing living and working in the United States and, hopefully, sharing parts of the German culture and language with all of you.

Anastasiia Loginova

Anastasiia Loginova

Russian Language Scholar

Affiliated Institution: Tartu Ülikool, Tartu, Estonia

About Anastasiia

My name is Anastasiia Loginova. I have studied Russian literature in Moscow and Tartu. Russian being my native language, I am also fluent in English and can speak some German and Estonian.

To perfect the language I am studying, I like listening to songs, watching movies, and reading books. These activities are enjoyable as they are but become even more fun with a little linguistic challenge. Learning languages also makes traveling more exciting: communicating with locals in their mother tongue can be an unforgettable experience.

I take a great interest not only in language learning but also in teaching methodology. I believe teaching allows us to see a language from a whole new perspective.

I like reading poetry, playing the guitar, and singing in my leisure time. Music plays a significant role in my life. I also enjoy different kinds of socially-engaged activities and mainly playing board games.

Meeting new people always inspires me. I love making friends and must create a safe and comfortable environment where everyone feels included. I hope to become part and parcel of this fantastic community during my time at Reed.

Marta Sanz Herrera

Marta Sanz Herrera

Spanish Language Scholar

Affiliated Institution: Universidad de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

About Marta


I am Marta, a 22-year-old girl who loves learning about languages and new cultures. I am from Barcelona, a lovely Mediterranean city located in Northeastern Spain.

I finished my degree in Modern Languages and Literature with a major in Spanish and English in 2022, and this year I graduated with a master’s degree in Spanish as a Foreign Language at the University of Barcelona.

I love listening to all types of music and watching movies. I adore romanticizing life in Barcelona by taking walks and going for coffee and pastries (I hope to do the same in Portland). Also, I cherish meeting people who bring good and kind vibes to life.

Being part of the Reed College community for one year is a unique opportunity for me so I will give the best of me during my stay in Portland. I am really looking forward to the day I arrive in Oregon!

Francisca Ulloa

Francisca Ulloa

Spanish Language Scholar

Affiliated Institution: Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, Buenos Aires, Argentina

About Francisca


I am Francisca, born in Salta, a province in northern Argentina. I moved to Buenos Aires to pursue my undergraduate studies in History at University Torcuato Di Tella. Currently, I am a candidate for the M.A. in Latin American Literature program at the University of San Martin.

Growing up in a province where different cultures come together has significantly influenced how I see the world and the choices I’ve made in life. I am an avid reader and enjoy art, cinema, and music. I am also creative; I like writing, painting, and photography as a means of expression.

I am interested in grasping the background of things and believe that learning from different cultures is the best means of nurturing our knowledge. Having deep conversations and exchanging ideas with others is something I cherish.

Over the past few years, I have been actively involved in teaching at schools and universities, seeking advanced academic instruction and enriching learning environments. The opportunity to embark on a journey at Reed College fills me with great enthusiasm. I am eager to share the facets of Latin America while immersing myself in the vibrant community of Portland and Reed.