Human Resources

Sick time


All regular (non temporary) staff who work at least half-time (.5 FTE) are eligible. Newly hired staff accrue sick time starting their first pay period and are eligible to use it as soon as it is accrued.

Staff who are not eligible for Reed sick time may be eligible for Oregon paid sick leave.

When can I use sick time?

Paid sick time is provided for you to use during your own illness and medical or dental appointments. Sick time may also be used for family members including the spouse of an employee (including same sex domestic partners), the biological, adoptive or foster parent or child of the employee, the grandparent or grandchild of the employee, a parent-in-law of the employee or a person with whom the employee was or is in a relationship of in loco parentis. Sick time runs concurrently with all family medical leaves of absence.

Sick time is not intended to be used as additional vacation.

Accruing sick time

Full and part time staff earn one day of sick time per month; sick time accrual is prorated for part time employees.  Staff working 37.5 hours per week will earn 7.5 hours of sick time each month.  Staff working 40 hours per week will earn 8 hours of sick time per month.  Employees who work alternative schedules, such as four 10-hour days, accrue 8 hours of sick time per month.

Staff can accrue up to 6 months of sick time.  This is equivalent to 130 working days, or 975 hours for those who work 37.5 hours per week and 1040 hours for those who work 40 hours per week.  After accruing the maximum amount of sick leave, accrual will cease until you use sick leave, then your accrual will resume.

Staff on any unpaid leave, including workers compensation, do not accrue sick time.  

To check your sick time balance, log in to Griffin Payroll System (GPS).

Using your sick time

If you need to use sick time, tell your supervisor immediately and record the hours that you are away from work on your time sheet in the Griffin Payroll System (GPS).

If you are absent due to illness for more than three consecutive working days, your supervisor may request that you provide a written statement as to the necessity of the absence, signed by your health care provider.  In addition, if you are sick for more than three consecutive working days, you may be eligible for family medical leave.

Additional information

If you transition to a non-benefited position, your accrued Reed sick leave will be converted to Oregon paid sick leave, up to a maximum of 80 hours.

When leaving Reed employment, all sick leave is forfeited.  Unlike vacation, sick time is not an earned benefit; it is intended to be used only in medical circumstances.