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Wellness at Reed

The Wellness Committee serves the Reed committee by providing holistic wellness programs to the Staff and Faculty, with the goal of promoting a healthy lifestyle and increasing overall fulfillment. We create and promote programs that relate to physical, mental and emotional wellness.

Happening Now!

Wednesdays Buddhist Chanting Club
Mondays & Wednesdays Pilates
Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays Noonball (Basketball at noon!)
Mondays Got Balance?
Tuesdays Yoga
Tuesdays & Thursdays Lunch Runners
Tuesdays Silent Meditation
Fridays Power Circuit Conditioning
Always Walk on a Whim


Wellness programs are inclusive of all Reed employees and frequently their partners. Fitness programs are intended to be inclusive of and welcoming to all fitness levels, previous experience, and body types. Our programs are constantly expanding and changing, so please contact us with any suggestions at Contact Lisa Mickola to join the faculty/staff wellness Google Group to get regular updates on wellness events, programs and opportunities. 

More details on all Wellness Programs here!

5K FUNd Run/Walk

The 2019 event will be on Saturday, September 21.

Bike Challenge

The next Bike More Challenge will happen in May of 2020. 

Buddhist Chanting Club

Recharge your spiritual batteries. Chanting for 30 minutes, followed by a short reading.Open to all. Drop in for as little or as long as you like.

Lunchtime Meditation sessions

Come join us for a quiet break from the hustle and bustle of cutting-edge academic inquiry for silent meditation in the Chapel. 

No Cost Activities!

Check out the Sports Center for rock climbing classes, swimming and other sports/exercise facilities, and extensive equipment and expertise on hiking, paddleboard, skiing, camping, and other Northwest outdoor pursuits! In addition, community activities such as Noonball and Lunchrunners.

Walk on a Whim!

Interested in increasing activity? Looking for someone to walk with? Just like meandering around the nearby neighborhoods? Join together for motivation towards increased movement and health! We've created an email list to help individuals find others to walk with, for company, for motivation, for accountability, for whatever your reason! Everyone is welcome! Contact Lisa Mickola with any questions or to sign up!! 

Wellness & Fitness classes

All faculty, staff, and their partners are welcome to sign up for classes. Everything from relaxation and stress reduction to toning, balance, and cardio workout. Current classes include Pilates, Yoga, Got Balance and Circuit Training.

Tobacco Cessation Programs

Reed employees have access to multiple resources to help quit tobacco.



If you have feedback on Wellness Committee programs, let us know here. To stay up to date on events and offerings, contact Lisa Mickola to join the Wellness Google Group and receive emails.