Dean of the Faculty


Student Evaluation of Faculty Overview (2021)

There are two instruments for faculty evaluation in order to assure the anonymity of both the quantitative evaluations and the comments to the instructor, while meeting the requirement that students include their name on the CAT evaluations. These come from two sources:

  1. Quantitative questions and Instructor comments, delivered by email through Scantron’s ClassClimate software; and
  2. Responses for the Committee on Advancement and Tenure (CAT), delivered by email through Qualtrics.

Emails will be sent to students at their Reed email address. If the messages do not appear, students should check the spam folder.

A. Quantitative Questions and Instructor Comments

Students will receive one email from the Scantron/ClassClimate system with links to the quantitative questions and comments for the instructor.

  1. The message titled “Faculty Evaluations are Open” will be from “Class Climate Admin,” with an email address of “”
  2. Each email includes links to multiple surveys. Students will have several links – one for each course and two links for courses that include lecture evaluations. Each link leads to a survey that needs to be completed.
  3. Once the evaluation survey is started, the course and the instructor are identified at the top of the screen. These appear on each screen as a student progresses through the four tabs evaluation.
  4. Students must click “submit” to complete the survey
  5. Students then return to the original email message, and select the link for the next evaluation survey.

B. Responses for the Committee on Advancement and Tenure (CAT)

Students will receive one email for each course in which they are enrolled.

  1. The message will be from “Dean of Faculty’s Office,” with an email address of “” If co-taught there will be an email for each instructor. The email has the course and professor in the subject line and with the link to the evaluation.

  2. The course and instructor are identified toward the top of the first and second pages of the evaluation.
  3. Students may save their progress and return to the evaluation using the link in the original email by clicking the save button.
  4. Once saved, students must click the submit button for the evaluation to be recorded.