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(Source: Dean of the Faculty, September 28, 1998)

From time to time the College has provided facilities and services for colleagues identified as Visiting Scholars. In CAPP's view, such arrangements should occur only when there is a clear benefit to the academic program. This might involve consultation with students and faculty, lectures on topics of professional interest, research assistance, and the like. It is understood that the appointment of Visiting Scholars will be occasioned only by specific needs and opportunities as identified by Reed faculty, should be recommended by a department, and will involve no salary or other remuneration. Visiting Scholars may receive privileges from the institution - e.g., mailing privileges, the use of letterhead, library and computer access, office and/or desk space, telephone access - as determined on a case-by-case basis. Such privileges will be subject to availability and to the approval of the President upon recommendation of the Dean of Faculty. The Dean of Faculty will seek CAPP’s advice on complicated requests.

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