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(Source: Vice President/Treasurer, October 1990)

In the interest of every student's right to health, safety, and general privacy, Reed College prohibits solicitation and/or sales on college-owned property except with the specific written permission of the College.

In those instances in which permission is granted, sales are limited to the business hours of Reed College, and to designated areas established by the College as listed below. No solicitation or sales will be allowed in the Residence Halls at any time.

Sales representatives must obtain a sales permit from the Reed College Community Safety Office in the Greywood Building. Students wishing to sell merchandise must present a valid Reed College I.D. at the Community Safety Office to be issued a sales permit. This permit must be on display at the sales location.

Strangers or solicitors, without clearance, should be reported promptly to the Community Safety Office. The college reserves the right to refuse or rescind a sales permit if necessary.

Sales are permitted in the following locations during Reed College business hours of 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, and during certain special events by previous arrangement:

  • Commons Porch
  • Student Union
  • Front lawn during certain specified events (Renaissance Fayre, etc.)
  • East parking lot (vans or trailer-booksellers).

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