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(Source: Varies)

Sports Center:

Students who are currently registered have free access to all Sports Center facilities.

Students on official leaves of absence must obtain a card for the Sports Center from the Director or Associate Director of Physical Education. This card will allow them access to the Sports Center whenever the facilities are open. They may take a PE class provided they register as an audit and pay the audit class fee. A student is only considered on leave for one year; at the end of that year they must obtain an alumni card and use the Sports Center during the posted alumni hours.


Currently registered students have free access to Library facilities.

Alumni of the College are granted borrowing privileges. Alumni simply show their alumni card to the person at the front desk and may check books out for 28 days. They cannot use any other services such as interlibrary loan. Students on official leaves of absence are allowed to borrow books.

Ski Cabin:

The Ski Cabin is not governed by an official policy. It is available to anyone connected to the Reed community including current students, alumni, and their friends.

Computer Usage:

(Source: Information Technology, 2007)

Faculty and staff at Reed have free access to all public computing resources.

Students who are currently registered at Reed have free access to all public computing resources except laser printing. Students receive an annual allotment of free printing: $40 for seniors, $20 for all others. Additional printing is billed to students' accounts.

Students who are on official leave lose their computing privileges (except for Reed email addresses from which they can forward email to off-campus accounts). Students on leave who wish to retain computing privileges may request an exception from the Dean of Students.

Alumni may use the campus network and computer labs. They must request access in person at the Help Desk and sign a Computer User Agreement. Alumni computing privileges lapse after 180 days but are renewable. Alumni have no printing privileges and must defer to current students in the use of computer lab facilities.

Guests may have limited access to online library resources, the web, and campus information kiosks as permitted by college policies.

Alumni, guests, and others may be granted additional computing privileges in special circumstances by Information Technology (IT). The College reserves the right to deny computing access to anyone in violation of college computing policies.

Additional information about access to computing facilities is available online at:

Conference and Events Planning Office (CEP):

(Source: CEP July 2005)
The use of campus facilities and grounds by College and outside organization is handled on a priority basis:

1. First Priority
Regularly scheduled classes and activities carrying academic credit

2. Second Priority
Meetings, programs and events created, funded and scheduled by Reed College-recognized student organizations and departments, for Reed College students, faculty, or staff for internal college organization functions.

3. Third Priority
Outside organizations if the following conditions are met:

  1. The facility requested is not anticipated to be needed for a regularly schedule college function;
  2. The event is sponsored by: a faculty or staff department; a student organization with recognized college status; an academic organization by arrangement through the faculty advisor; a group of students, provided a petition signed by five percent of the student body is presented to the CEP.

4. Fourth Priority
If not required for the three priorities listed above, college facilities may also be available to non-college organizations for a rental fee on a case-by-case basis. As a general rule, facilities will not be rented during the academic year except during academic breaks.

Use of college facilities will not be authorized for activities raising money, including political fund raising, except when authorized in junctions with an event.


The Commons is "open," meaning that anyone connected to the Reed community is allowed access to the Commons dining area during meals.

Kaul Auditorium and Gray Center Foyer and Lounge

(Source: Office of the Dean of the Faculty, 2/20/98)

The College wants and encourages members of the Reed community, including student groups and organizations, to make use of the new Kaul Auditorium and the Gray Center Foyer and Lounge. It is a wonderful new space on campus from which we hope the entire community benefits. Normally, the auditorium is booked months in advance for most weekend nights and many weeknights. Groups wishing to use the auditorium will need to plan well in advance. The following guidelines will be used for all events.

1. This is a non-smoking facility and all groups or organizations using the auditorium are required to have a means in place for enforcing this policy.

2. Alcohol can be distributed and consumed during events only when the distribution is licensed according to Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) guidelines and Bon Appetit is the distributor. The distribution and consumption must take place in a clearly separated part of the building to which access is given only to those of legal age.

3. All events held in the auditorium must end by 12:30 a.m.

4. The auditorium will be staffed at all times by a college employee(s) whose salary will be paid by the sponsoring group or organization.

5. The individual, group, or organization sponsoring the event is financially responsible for any special set up, security, clean up, damage or theft which occurs.

6. No food or drink will be permitted in the auditorium at any time, unless it involves an event explicitly designated with such use in mind.

7. All student reservations for using the auditorium or lounge should be initiated through the office of the Director of Student Engagement at least two weeks in advance of the event.

8. The auditorium will only be reserved for groups needing this size and type of space. Other needs will be met through other College facilities.

9. The following specific policies govern the use of the auditorium for music performance by Reed students and faculty:

  1. Performers who teach in Reed's applied music program may be permitted to schedule recitals in the auditorium if they can demonstrate strong reasons (e.g. seating capacity, acoustics, etc.) for using the auditorium instead of some other on-campus facility and if such recitals fit into the overall schedule for the hall. Based on these general considerations, the Director of Conference and Events Planning will be responsible for deciding whether or not such recitals can take place in the auditorium.
  2. Performers who teach in Reed's applied music program and who are permitted to schedule recitals in the auditorium may be exempt from rental fees, at the discretion of the Director of Conference and Events Planning.
  3. No student recitals will be held in the auditorium, except for serious piano students who would clearly benefit from using the concert grand piano.

10. As a rule, Kaul Auditorium will be governed by the standard College policy that facilities are not rented to external groups during the academic year. But the Director of Conference and Events Planning may consider, and bring to the President, exceptions to this policy.

11. No fees shall be charged for admission to events, except by prior arrangement with the Director of Conference and Events Planning. If such an event is approved, normal rental fees will apply.

12. Technical support to the audio-visual and/or lighting systems in the auditorium must be coordinated by Reed's Audio Visual Services Department.

13. Points 1-10 above are guidelines. In all cases, final decisions regarding the use of the auditorium will be made by the President or by the President's designee.

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