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(Source: Office of the Dean of the Faculty, July 2006)

Faculty administrative assistants are dedicated to the work they do in support of Reed Faculty and regularly give 110%. To be fair to everyone concerned, most faculty administrative assistants work on a "first in, first out" basis but if a Faculty member comes to them for help at the last minute they often feel obliged to bend that rule. Please provide as much lead time as possible to avoid last minute demands which ultimately lead to a backlog of earlier requests, or result in longer working hours to get the job completed on time. It may be helpful to keep in mind the number and variety of Faculty each administrative assistant supports when assigning your projects.

Please keep in mind, too, the following ordering of priorities as set by the Faculty Advisory Committee on November 1, 1983:

"In order to avoid misunderstandings as to the priorities which should be followed by faculty secretaries in the performance of their work, the following order of importance should be assigned to various projects:

(1) Instructional materials such as syllabi, exams, course instructions, etc., and letters of recommendation for students.

(2) Departmental, divisional and committee reports.

(3) Professional correspondence and individual faculty projects such as publications, research proposals and other scholarly work.

(4) Personal non-professional correspondence of faculty should not be given to college administrative assistants.


I hope from time to time each of you will find some way to show your appreciation to our faculty administrative assistants, who work very hard on behalf of us all.

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