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(Source: Rules of Procedure and clarification at April 6, 1998 meeting of the Faculty)

Section C-13. In accordance with the requirements of ORS 659.630, parental leave will be granted upon the request of a faculty member. The faculty member shall provide written notice of the dates of intended parental leave. This notice must be received by the College at least 30 days before the anticipated date of birth or the date of physical custody of an adopted child under six years of age. In the event of premature birth, maternal incapacity due to birth rendering her unable to care of the child, or the unanticipated taking of custody of an adopted child, the faculty member shall give the College notice of revised dates of parental leave within seven days after birth or taking custody. In order to reduce the impact on operations of the College, including staffing requirements and class offerings, informal notification should be provided as soon as is practical. Parental leave will be for 12 weeks in duration. Faculty will receive one-half of their contractual salary amount during the parental leave. In no event shall the parental leave extend beyond one year from the date of birth.

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