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(Source: Dean of the Faculty, June, 2020)

Endowed Chairs are awarded by CAT consistent with the Memorandum of Understanding under which each Endowed Chair was created. In awarding these Chairs, CAT considers both length of service to the college and the criteria for faculty appointment and advancement specified in Article IV of the Faculty Constitution, namely teaching, scholarship and service to the Reed community (and to external communities where relevant). Endowed Chairs can only be held by tenured members of the faculty. An Endowed Chair may be left unoccupied. On retirement the holder of an Endowed Chair may continue to use the title of the chair, should he or she so wish, so long as “Emeritus” is added to the end of the title; the Endowed Chair itself can be awarded to another member of the faculty.

Amgen-Perlmutter Professor of Biology

Jay Mellies

Reginald F. Arragon Professor of German and Humanities

Jan Mieszkowski

James Borders Professor of Physics

Joel Franklin

David W. Brauer Professor of Physics

John Essick

Stanley H. Cohn Professor of Economics

Noelwah Netusil

Richard E. Crandall Professor of Computer Science

James D. Fix

Elizabeth C. Ducey Professor of Asian Studies and Humanities

Douglas L. Fix

David Eddings Professor of English and Humanities

Nathalia King

Robert H. and Blanche Day Ellis Professor of Political Science and Humanities

Peter J. Steinberger

Thomas Lamb Eliot Professor of Religion and Humanities

Kambiz GhaneaBassiri

Margret Geselbracht Professor of Chemistry

Arthur Glasfeld

Jane Neuberger Goodsell Professor of Art History and Humanities

Kris Cohen

Daniel B. Greenberg Professor of Political Science and Environmental Studies

Chris Koski

Ruth C. Greenberg Professor of American Indian Studies Not at present held

F.L. Griffin Professor of Mathematics

David Perkinson
George Hay Professor of Economics Jon Rork

Omar and Althea Hoskins Professor of Greek, Latin, and Ancient Mediterranean Studies and Humanities

Ellen Millender

Kenan Professor of English and Humanities

Lisa M. Steinman

A.A. Knowlton Professor of Physics

Mary B. James

Dr. Lester B. Lave Professor of Economics Denise Hare

Patricia and Clifford Lunneborg Professor of Psychology

Enriqueta Canseco-Gonzalez

John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Professor of French and Humanities

Ann Delehanty

Judy Massee Professor of Dance

Carla Mann

Thormund A. Miller & Walter Mintz Professor of Economics

Not at present held

Walter Mintz Professor of Greek, Latin, and Ancient Mediterranean Studies and Humanities

Nigel J. Nicholson

Roger M. Perlmutter Professor of Biology

Suzy Renn

Cornelia Marvin Pierce Professor of History and Humanities

Jacqueline DIrks

Katharine Piggott Professor of Mathematics James Pommersheim

John C. Pock Professor of Sociology

Marc Schneiberg

Laurens N. Ruben Professor of Biology

Keith Karoly

Richard F. Scholz Professor of History and Humanities

David Garrett

Arthur F. Scott Professor of Chemistry

Juliane Fry

Joshua C. Taylor Professor of Art History and Humanities

Dana E. Katz

Moe and Izetta Tonkon Professor of Judaic Studies and Humanities

Steven M. Wasserstrom

Howard Vollum Professor of Biology

Janis Shampay

R.P. Wollenberg Professor of Music

Mark Burford

John B. & Elizabeth M. Yeon Professor of Spanish and Humanities

Elizabeth Drumm

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