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(Source: Faculty Constitution IV, Article 4)

Section 4. A temporary academic faculty appointment, such as for sabbatical or leave replacements or for positions that are not funded beyond a fixed term, shall be designated as "visiting."

  1. Appointments for visiting faculty members shall not be extended beyond full-time service for five years.
  2. Faculty members on visiting appointments shall not be considered for tenure. Should a decision be made to change the visiting appointment to a regular appointment, provisions of [Section 3 and subsections A-D above] become applicable.    

(Source: Approved by CAT, October 6, 2015)
Recognizing that the College must balance the best interests of its students with its commitment to filling long-term needs with tenure-track positions, CAT reaffirms these principles, and clarifies that the five years shall be counted cumulatively over a faculty member’s career and do not have to be consecutive. Moreover, the appointments need not be in the same department.

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