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Faculty Handbook

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(Source: Faculty Constitution, Article I, Section 1, amended at the March 11, 2013 meeting of the faculty)

The Faculty of Reed College shall consist of academic members and administrative members as follows:

A. Academic members shall include:

Each member of the teaching or research staff who hold academic rank, including those on visiting appointments and those on sabbatical and leave but excluding emeritus faculty. "Academic rank" means the rank of  Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor.

B. Administrative members shall include:

  1. The President, Dean of the Faculty, Vice-Presidents, Librarian, Registrar, Chief Information Officer, Dean for Institutional Diversity and Dean of Admission.
  2. Each member appointed to the faculty with the title of Assistant Director, Associate Director or Director, including those on "Acting" or "Visiting" appointments.
  3. Administrative officers appointed to membership in the Faculty by the President with the approval of the Committee on Advancement and Tenure for one-year terms that shall not be extended except after discussion with the Faculty.

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