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(Source: Faculty Constitution, Article V)

Section 1. Each Faculty member has individual freedom of inquiry and expression in research, in publication, and in the teaching of his or her subjects and courses. Academic freedom and responsibility are here defined as the liberty and obligation to study, to investigate, and to discuss facts and ideas concerning all branches and fields of learning. No limitations on such freedom shall be imposed other than those required by generally accepted standards of responsible scholarship and research.

Section 2. When a Faculty member speaks, writes, or acts as a citizen, he or she shall be free from institutional censorship or discipline, and he or she should undertake to avoid any implication that he or she is speaking on behalf of the institution.

Section 3. No individual shall be excluded from initial appointments to academic rank, from continuation of appointments, or from academic tenure, nor shall any individual have his or her appointment terminated before the end of his or her stated term or have his or her academic tenure terminated because of his or her views or associations.

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