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Faculty Handbook

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This Handbook is a summary of policies and practices pertaining to faculty members at Reed College. It has been prepared by the Office of the Dean of the Faculty. It is composed exclusively of authoritative documents or document excerpts, including sections of the Faculty Constitution, By-Laws, and Rules of Procedures, individual items of faculty legislation, established policy statements from administrative offices, and the like. It contains no editorial material other than the selection and organization of the documents themselves.

Although we have tried to make the Faculty Handbook as complete as possible, many policies that govern faculty activities are not included. Among these are policies directed not to the faculty per se but to all members of the Reed community. Moreover, since the meaning of certain excerpts might depend on their larger contexts, it may be useful to consult the original sources wherever serious questions arise.

At several points, the Handbook refers to Oregon state law. Faculty members wishing to consult the statutes themselves may obtain copies from the Reed College Office of Human Resources.

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