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(Source: Human Resources, July 1998)

In accordance with its policies of non-discrimination, Reed College extends the following benefits and privileges to the designated family partners and dependents of Reed College community members.

The following benefits and privileges will apply to family partners and/or dependents on the same basis they apply to an employee's or student's spouse and/or dependents.

For faculty and staff

  • use of College facilities, such as the Library, Commons, Bookstore and Sports Center;
  • parental leave;
  • funeral and sick leave;
  • tuition remission for family partners;
  • moving allowance;
  • eligible for membership in the On Point Credit Union;
  • medical and dental benefits.

In order to receive these benefits, community members must complete an affidavit of marriage or partnership with the Human Resources Office in the case of faculty and staff and with the Dean of Students Office in the case of students.

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